5 pre-testing methods refresher!

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The five methods of revision that we have all experienced, for better or for worse.

Studying is hard, but the review does not joke. It ‘a very important part in the study in which takes stock of what we know or do not know where … and promptly ends do not know shit.

Not all people have returned the same way. Here are 5 different revision methods that most of the students have taken at least once in life.

pre-testing methods
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1) Method trusted friend

The only method that really works. Agree with one, maybe two, friends and not lovers of serious is the best solution to go home with the work done, and in the meantime have some social life, if you still remember what it is.

2) Autism Method

It is to close in the room to repeat and repeat and repeat until even your plush will know the laws of nuclear physics better than you. Prominent studies show that this is the method that take the anxious people, the same ones that appear the examination saying “no I feel it will go wrong” and carry a 30 at home.

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3) Summary compulsive Method

It makes a first summary of the book, then the summary of the summary, another right for, and finally the latter scheme. And ‘the silent version of autism mode. Contraindications: tendinitis is upon us.

4) Pre-screening method

It’s no joke, this is a sacred moment. The scene is this: go into the classroom and find the girl subscribed to 30 cum laude surrounded by at least 10 dreamed eyes seeking to learn in a few minutes what they should have learned in a week. You are obviously the eleventh. Good news though, it usually works!

5) Company Method

No method! And is when you find yourself in college with course cronies but remains outside in the garden to smoke even while the books are opened. The problem is that you know from the start how it ends yet he continues. After a week so passed, the student has two choices: ” I try, I just 18″.

Good review and hold on that holidays are not so far.

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