Symptoms of college students anxious before exams

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Anxiety is a very common feature of all college students under scrutiny. It certainly creates negative situations but, to want to see the glass half-full, we encourage us to study best to get success in front of professors. In this article we have compiled some student characteristics anxious under scrutiny … I am sure that many (if not all!) Also affect you happy reading!

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The symptoms of the student anxious …

– Always think of the exams you have to give

– You always think you have to give exams as rocks impossible to overcome

– You start to make 1000 superstitious rites during the study

– But above all you superstitious rituals the night before exam

– You awake at night thinking about the paragraphs that you do not remember

– When you get up the next day go now to pass it

– If you do not think to the paragraphs that you do not know, think of the questions that might make you

– And of course you think the most complex

– And obviously you think to more complex because you know that you will never have a hit of c … (the captain only to others!)

– You are always undecided whether or not to introduce an exam

– You choose to introduce the examination

– You choose to present yourself to the examination and the steps

– Often pass it with a good grade

– When you see the material written on the book think of how many unnecessary problems did you

– When you see the material written on the book think of how many unnecessary problems did you but know you cannot go back

– You’ll be back anxious about the next matter

– When you’re anxious about the next matter … begins to read from the first point because it’s always the same story

– And again pass the exam

– And again your moments of anxiety will have been useless

– But it will be stronger than you, and you will continue always be

– Will not arrive until graduation

– And your anxiety will vanish forever

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