What is the method of Glenn Doman?

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The controversial method of Glenn Doman learning for children born with problems and is currently applied to enhance intelligence in healthy children.

Criticized and praised in equal parts, Glenn Doman Method aims to develop human intelligence encouraging babies to acquire skills such as writing or math basics. Is that possible? As always, yes and no, but go by parts.

A little history of Glenn Doman method

The inventor of this educational practice was an American physiotherapist who began his work and research with small brain and spinal cord suffering from serious injury. Subsequently, and based on their clinical experience, along with the educational psychologist Carl Decalato, he developed an educational methodology, the mid-fifties of the twentieth century, in order to intellectually stimulate healthy babies. The plan was based on their observations and assumptions successes in small with very serious diseases and theories of Dr. Temple Fay.

Glenn Doman Method
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And this is where lies the criticism of the method, since the latter researcher believes that the human brain develops in much the same way it happened with the evolution of species (fish, reptile, mammal and human intelligent). Following this idea, if there is any accident or injury in this process, learning stops completely. This theory, developed later studies, which have been enormous and another line is totally obsolete.

Based on this field, Doman created the Institute for the Development of Human Potential based in Pennsylvania and everyone here expands, alongside the Glenn Doman method evolves to accommodate healthy children.

How can you take advantage babies of early stimulation?

Following this idea, Glenn Doman Method has become popular in the West because it proposes a series of simple activities, applied with daily routine and promise to develop both intelligence of babies who accomplish little geniuses. And here comes the problem. Needless to say that in the current Western civilization, the children will not live as what they are (as a gift to care for and guide) but almost as an investment. And many parents who put unfounded hopes on the intellectual potential of their children as a remedy for all ills.

So no Glenn Doman method does work?

It is unclear in healthy children, but, anyway, the proposals are interesting and are harmless as long when there is no money involved. That is, if there is no academy or institute that requires significant financial sums to artificially stimulate our children.

The technique considers that small absorb knowledge exponentially before the six years when done in an entertaining and fun. When working well, the small will ask for more and will not fail to assimilate concepts. Step summarizes the method can easily be done at home:

  • It is to divide intelligence and general knowledge in minimum units called bits.
  • Each of those simple and minimal bits can visually move to a big tab.
  • In each of these chips is getting information simple and minimalist. For example, lowercase words environment and in red with a good separation between them, colors, silhouetted animals, dots to indicate the numbers, Arabic digits and so on.
  • Although Glenn Doman method is known because it promises to teach reading to babies, “subjects” are multiple and interesting. It is also about teaching: 1) tastes and textures, 2) sounds and musical notes, 3) body movements, 4) simple mathematical expressions 5) basic knowledge of the environment and 6) rudiments of a language other than mother tongue.
  • “Classes” Glenn Doman Method has to be done daily, every few minutes and repeated throughout the day (3 to 4 times) and fun.
  • Tabs to learn to read are made with lowercase letters in red with a separation between spellings and always putting words in everyday environment group of ten. When you have assimilated this knowledge is passed on to another lesson and so on. It is summing all much.

Benefits Early Learning

We will not deny here the proven benefits of early stimulation in infants and young children, as long as they do not neurosis and adapted to the evolution of small.

It is already known that before three years, our children can learn the basics of art (mostly), some rudiments of writing and reading, enjoy classical music, complex vocabulary or colors. It is also important guidance in physical education to make them more stable and secure when walking or moving.

Also interesting is the fact that it is taught in a fun way, because, through play, the small interacts with the environment.

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Detractors to Glenn Doman method in children with problems

  • The initial methodology physiotherapist was directed to small patients and that sack ailments or problems as diverse as spinal cord injuries after an accident, Down syndrome, autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit or mental retardation in varying degrees included. Needless to say that each of these conditions requires pedagogy adapted not only to the needs that favors the disease itself but little himself and his family.
  • Glenn Doman Method was founded when the theories of the unconscious were invading the fields of art and consultation of psychiatrists. Began, then, knowledge and research on the human brain. However, later studies have been spectacular and have been in a totally different direction: the generalization rather than customization. And that’s not counting the advances in biogenetics or production of new synthetic drugs that help control some disorders.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics, since the late sixties, has been warning of the lack of methodology (with control groups) and even obscurantism in evidence published by the Institute. As if this were not enough, other doctors, such as Hornsby, they have even said that some physical exercises can become potentially dangerous for children.

So there is no benefit to healthy children?

Regarding the implementation of Glenn Doman method in children without any problem, there are no conclusive studies to support the theory that a baby who has just completed the rudiments of language, can learn to read before three years.

However, it can be interesting for the reader learning between three and six years, as the constructivist method. At this age if they acquired, with proper guidance, rudiments of math, reading, writing, introduction to a second language, basic notions of art, nature or society.

To end…

And this is a very subjective opinion, perhaps the problem of early stimulation is not in the practice itself, which can be done in moderation and stress, but the expectations placed on it, both in healthy children as a problem.

This type of methodology requires monitoring and unconditional significant financial outlay in chips, books and materials in healthy children and significant amounts when there is a problem in depth. You have to think before what we do with our children.