The pull of university for students

What are the main reasons people choose to go onto higher education and attend a University, for example? Most students say that they need to go to Uni to pursue a particular career choice, such as medicine or engineering.

Career Choice

Having a certain career in mind, a degree can offer great practical elements, work placements and experience to develop real skills in that particular field. What you learn in a classroom environment can be applied to real work settings, looking fantastic on your CV to potential employers. It can also give you a good indication of whether you’re suited to that profession, with the flexibility to go down a different route if necessary.

Social Life

University is hard work but ‘work hard, play hard’ is a famous motto of students across the globe! There’s much more to student life than attending lectures and seminars, there are endless opportunities to meet new people, attend social events, join societies and clubs and make a wide network of new friends for life.

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Experience Somewhere New

The chance to live away from home in a totally new environment is a big draw for many young people. Whether you head for the bright lights of the city or desire some fresh, rural air – there are many institutions to choose from in a wide variety of settings.

To Improve Knowledge

You might think you know everything about your fave subject, but Uni will show you, you’ve only just scratched the surface. Students know that attending higher education will give them a greater depth of knowledge in their chosen subject, going into much more detail over the three-year course than you’ve experienced before. You’ll get smarter in many more ways too, like life skills and work experience. If you are looking for a sports qualification for example you will learn all the relevant sports skills as well as the ways to fuel your body correctly and even where you can find sports drill videos like to help your overall fitness.

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To Meet People

Whether it’s your housemates, course mates, night’s out mates or society mates – people choose University because they know it will give them a chance to meet new people from all walks of life and nationalities. These opportunities will broaden your life experience and open your eyes to the fact that there’s a whole world of opportunity out there.

Fresh Opportunities

Whether it’s being introduced to potential employers or developing a hobby in something completely new after first seeing it at Fresher’s Fair, University is full of opportunities you don’t find elsewhere. The experiences available are so vast and varied that it’s this reason alone that attracts so many people into enrolling on a further education course at a great UK institution.