Study medicine, one of the races with less unemployment

study medicine

Have you considered study medicine but you have doubts about what your future may be after the university degree? In that case,take a look at the information that we expose below.

Once we finish high school we have to face the big question: what now? Many opt for Vocational Training cycles. While others opt for university careers . It is not an easy choice, much less if we take into account the serious economic. And labor crisis that currently plagues the country.

In the middle of this chaos we find one of those careers so desired by some. And so feared by others, Medicine. Dedicating oneself to this field implies certain special circumstances not suitable for everyone. Like any profession, it comes loaded with pros. And cons that we have to analyze before deciding on it or discarding it.

Is it worth study Medicine?

the study medicine

This is one of the first questions that comes to mind when we think of any career. In the case of Medicine. There are many advantages offered by these studies to our future way of life. Some of them are the following:

  • It’s a satisfying job. The doctor’s is a completely vocational profession that must be guided by the desire to help others. Alleviate pains, cure diseases … In short, improving the well-being of people through our work is one of the most satisfying sensations that we can experience.
  • Continuous challenges. Study medicine is a sector in continuous evolution. It implies continuous training. New studies, adaptation to new methodologies, etc. Monotony has no place in this profession.
  • Development of empathy. Obviously each patient has individual characteristics not only physically. But also psychologically. Being a doctor means knowing how to deal with them, having tact, learning to give them both the good news. And the bad news, which helps us to develop our capacity for empathy.
  • Wide variety of specialties. Within the field of medicine we find a huge list of possibilities: cardiology, dermatology, dermatology, neurology. We can focus our future on the one we like the most.
  • Low unemployment rate. No profession has been able to escape the scourge of the economic crisis. But that of study Medicine is one of the least affected. According to several studies in September of last year, medicine is the career with more job opportunities. And an unemployment rate of 1%, a very low percentage compared to other professions. In turn, this data follows a study medicine conducted.

Professional outings of the main medical specialties

the study medicine

In September 2018, the Ministry of Employment published a report on the work opportunities associated with the field of Medicine. It explained that in Spain there were only three hematologists, six cardiologists. And eight geriatrics unemployed. According to this report, although 1,431 doctors had registered at the time of unemployment. There were less than ten unemployed in 15 of the main specialties. We talked about some of these medical specialties most in demand .

  • Hematology. This discipline studies, prevents, diagnoses and treats musculature and systemic autoimmune diseases. It is developed above all in consultation, where patients referred by family doctors. Or internists are treated. Regarding their work, is one of the disciplines with greater possibilities. With the disadvantage that not all hospitals have a department of Hematology.
  • Cardiology. It is one of the most requested specialties, so the competition is high. Even so, the unemployment rate is very low. Since it offers a wide range of sub specialties. It requires a great effort, continuous training and somewhat irregular schedules.
  • Geriatrics. The aging of the population means that specialists in the health and care of the elderly are increasingly needed. This field covers a host of aspects such as the study medicine, prevention and diagnosis of diseases related to memory. Cognitive abilities and, ultimately, the problems associated with advanced age.
  • Oral and Axiomatically┬áSurgery. It is a surgical specialty that covers the pathologist that we can suffer in the mouth, face and neck. It includes a great diversity of aspects, such as malformations, problems of infectious origin, tumor, reconstructions and even aesthetic corrections. In this case, experts in Oral and Axiomatically. Surgery work in collaboration with professionals from other disciplines, such as dentists or orthodontists.
  • Hematology. This discipline studies everything related to blood diseases and all those pathologist associated with onomatopoetic elements. It is a specialty that includes both clinical and laboratory aspects.
  • Nutrition. Years ago this career was focused on the profession of dietitian-nutritionist in public and private medical centers. But currently covers many areas such as food preparation, advice for supermarkets. And food surfaces, dining rooms, hotels, para pharmacies and pharmacy.
  • Ophthalmology. Vision problems are becoming more frequent, so ophthalmologist is a very demanded profession. It is not limited to optical centers. It also includes the study and manufacture of machinery, making glasses and contact lenses, etc.

discover study medicine

Other races with more professional output. In addition to study medicine, are industrial electronics and the very diverse specialties in engineering.

Despite all these advantages, study medicine is a profession especially vocational that should not be studied for any banal reason. Before making a decision we have to meditate well the pros and cons. Among the latter we find the great responsibility that comes with having the health of patients in our hands. If we want to work in this sector, we have to assume this.

Nor can we forget that it is a long-term career. Since after the degree you must take the MIR, which involves between two and five more years of study medicine. On the other hand, the schedules are quite irregular. As this profession usually involves guards and emergencies. And you ?, Have you decided to study medicine ?, What factors do you take into account?

Zimiya Taylor

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