What to study to be a broker, best portfolio manager, financial analyst

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One of the most frequent questions of those interested in the world of finance is: What to study to be a broker, best portfolio manager, financial analyst.

Many people do not know what to study to be able to practice these professions. Despite the fact that they are well known by everyone, even by people outside the stock market. And the financial markets, known for being professions with fairly high salaries and carrying a Busy business life.

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What is a broker?

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 Before wanting to be brokers we must know what it is to be a broker and what activities are carried out. A broker is that person or company that is dedicated to operating in the financial market, performing operations for its clients under the orders of those. We should not confuse it with a financial agent.

Which would be the same as a broker but has the possibility of working buying and selling. selling for its clients or for the same while the broker can only execute the purchase. And sale orders of its customers and charge a commission for it.

Now that we know what a stock broker is, we are going to the quit of the matter.

In order to be a broker (or stock broker in Spanish) it is not mandatory to have a university degree. But the agencies and stock companies usually prefer qualified and qualified prior for a good performance of this activity.

Some of the careers to choose if you want to access this job are: mathematics, economics, business administration and management, etc. As they provide you with good mathematical knowledge and a good financial education.

 Of course, to operate in the stock market it is necessary to have the Official License of Operator SIBE.  This license will enable them to know the structure and functioning of the counterpart chambers. As well as the procedures of negotiation, settlement. And deposit of guarantees in the markets of options and futures, enabling them to negotiate derivative products.

 What is a best portfolio manager?

 Best portfolio managers, as their own name indicates, have the job of designing best portfolios. That is combining assets within a portfolio according to the preferences and needs of the investor. In addition to monitoring the evolution of securities and a subsequent evaluation of the results.

These managers try to create synergies between what the client wants. And what they believe is the most appropriate, in order to fulfill the client’s objectives satisfactorily.

What is a financial advisory?

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The financial advisory is the person responsible for advising the investor in matters of finance. And financial markets to invest in the most profitable manner according to the risk profile of the client. This financial advisory must follow the maxim of the alignment of interests with the client. A financial advisory has to fulfill the requirement of independence and transparency.

What is a financial analyst?

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The financial analyst is in charge of investigating and analyzing the financial information provided by the different units. In order to make decisions about future investments of the company.

They usually specialize in a specific sector, and work in investment banks, brokerage firms. Or other financial institutions. They need to constantly update both the macroeconomic data. And the information on the balance sheets of the companies.

Financial analysts usually have studies such as: bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, economics, finance, statistics, industrial engineering, computer engineering, etc …

Some financial analysts  also have a graduate degree, such as a Master’s degree in Business Administration, in addition to knowledge of accounting procedure. And policies, business practices, bond valuation, economics, statistics, option pricing, the budgeting process corporate, risk management and financial analysis methods.

You must also have the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certificate. A certificate obtained after passing three six-hour exams, having a university degree. And 48 months of professional experience in the subject. Or the  EFA (European Financial Advisor) that certifies the professional aptitude to exercise tasks of advice, management. And financial advice to individuals in personal. Or private banking financial services oriented to the individual client and any banking professional function.

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Qualities of a broker, financial analyst or portfolio manager

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Unlike USA, in countries such as the United States there are already specialized Universities in the Stock Market .

Usually, companies apart from requiring financial knowledge. And taking into account having a university career take into account other types of qualities such as:

IT: A good computer knowledge is required since you will need to look at graphics in real time. You will have to handle specialized programs and gather information about the financial markets, etc . So you will have to have some fluency when working with the computer.

English: English is essential in this work, since most of the information a broker receives is in this language. And you will have to talk to people from all over the world. Whether to obtain information, close a transaction, etc …

Commercial: You must have good business skills. Since what you should do is to attract customers to carry out their investments. And earn the commission. Do not forget that the more clients you have. The more commissions you will get so you’ll have to be alert.

Nerves control: In this work you can not get carried away by nerves. So you should know how to control them in case of unforeseen situations in the market. Since a bad control of these can cause you to carry out erroneous actions. And that your clients lose a lot of money .

Pressure: It is one of the most important requirements. In this day-to-day work you will find thousands of phone calls from investors. And shareholders who are worried about how their values ​​are advancing. Meetings with your team to analyze values, captures of potential clients, etc.  All this while analyzing graphics and you are aware of market movements.

These are some of the answers about what is necessary to qualify for the jobs listed above. But not all. Although it is not necessary to have a university career. It is necessary to have knowledge about the financial markets and its operation. Since companies look for young profiles, with initiative, know how to be, alert, financial knowledge.  That know how to move in the markets and with the people who work in them.

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