Why study Chinese?

study Chinese

Study Chinese– When it comes to forming part of a company, the company itself values ​​those candidates who stand out above the rest. Therefore, today the competition is so fierce and it is more complicated to be selected for certain tasks. On other occasions we have already talked about the importance of differentiating you from other candidates in a selection process for a job. But today we want to go further and tell you about the advantages it will have for you in this sense to study Chinese.

5 reasons why you should start study Chinese this year

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Take note of what it might mean for your resume to enroll in Chinese classes:

  • It differentiates you from other candidates: Today, the languages ​​that are most studied are the western ones. So if you bet to study Chinese surely you call the attention of the human resources department that is in charge of the selection.
  • It is the most spoken language in the world: Mandarin Chinese is the main language on planet Earth. Which is why many companies that seek to expand to other markets value this type of knowledge.
  • It helps you improve your linguistic ability: Study Chinese is a language that is difficult for us. For us, learning a new alphabet and a new way of reading, for example, is a challenge. Which is why it helps you lay the foundations for learning new languages ​​in the future.
  • It is not as difficult as it seems: Although it really is a challenge, since it differs a lot from our native language, with practice and perseverance you can move fast. So if your fear is never to learn correctly, we have to tell you that it is not something impossible.
  • It opens the doors for you to work in an international company: Not only national companies look for talents that excel with respect to other candidates. But companies from other parts of the world are looking for foreign workers who bring variety to their staff. So study Chinese gives you the option to work in the Asian continent.

Acquiring new knowledge is always a challenge. But if you want to excel in relation to other candidates and have more options to carry out the work of your dreams, languages ​​are very important. Today we wanted to give much importance to the advantages of studying Chinese to work not only in international companies. But also in companies in our country that want to expand to other markets or find workers with qualities like these.

Benefits of study Chinese beyond language learning

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The  Mandarin Chinese  is the  LANGUAGE  most spoken in the world. 1.380 million people have Mandarin Chinese as their mother tongue, compared to 341 million who speak English.

China’s  economic growth  is spectacular. For more than 20 years, China’s GDP has grown continuously above 8%.

Although these motives would be enough to decide to learn Mandarin, thinking about our children and their cognitive development. As well as the competitive advantage that Mandarin Chinese will have. It develops both hemispheres of the brain: Because it is a tonal language. It exercises both hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere is responsible for ordering. And interpreting linguistic structures, grouping sounds to form words. And the right processes melodies and tones.

Also Mandarin helps to be a good mathematician. The calculation is part of Mandarin so they are better at math. For example 20 is said twice 10 and 58 is said 5 times 10 plus 8, so exposing a child from baby to Chinese will provide a magnificent mental structure.

Learning study Chinese has many benefits. For lack of a specific reason to know another version of the Chinese. The best option is Mandarin. What is clear is that it is the language with the most future for business and a professional career with infinite possibilities.

With thousands of symbols to master, written Chinese can be extremely difficult to learn. So it is recommended to start with spoken Chinese. Spoken Chinese is a totally different matter. Without times. Not plurals, simple prepositions and no conjugations, The Chinese (or Mandarin) language in the oral plane is simple. In fact, spoken Chinese is easier to learn than any European language.

There is no doubt that the Chinese language will become more valuable and necessary in the future. This is because China is taking its place among the great powers of the world. And is becoming a power. Already its economy is the second largest in the world. And it is difficult to look anywhere without seeing something made in China.

Speakers of the study Chinese language will have more opportunities – this is inevitable as a direct result of the huge economic change under way. So you should ask this question. Do you prefer to talk to someone in your own language, or a foreign one? We certainly know how to answer that question.

best study Chinese

The USA. exports a large number of products to China, and a fifth of the world’s population lives in China. So communications with China has undoubtedly increased and will increase over time. Would not it be better to do business in China without the help of a translator?

In addition, there are excellent travel opportunities in China and Taiwan. Being able to communicate with local people makes any trip a much more rewarding travel experience. So the benefits are enormous.

On top of everything, exposure to Chinese. Or Mandarin Chinese will allow you a greater insight into China’s interesting cultural history.


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