Teacher’s Guide: How to Improve Distance Teaching   

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How to Improve Distance Teaching- It is increasingly common for there to be universities or graduate schools that teach their subjects remotely, offering the possibility of studying those students who, due to logistical issues, cannot attend classes in person. It is a form of teaching that differs from the traditional one since the teacher must be able to maintain a fluid flow of online communication and transmit knowledge through electronic devices. Below we explain a series of tips and resources on how to improve distance teaching.

4 keys to an ideal distance Teaching

distance teaching

Whether you are a graduate school teacher or a distance university, we recommend that you consider the following points to improve your online teaching skills and to manage communication with your students without problems. Read more: Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning

#1. Speed in distributing content

The effectiveness and speed with which you distribute content – be it assignments, notes or tests – is fundamental to the learning process of the students to be productive. There is nothing more frustrating for a student than having to wait for hours for study material to arrive; delays the job and makes learning difficult. For this reason, it is advisable to use Conquer Smart Links, with which you can easily and immediately send the contents you want to all your students without delays of any kind. Read more: E-Learning: Online learning also depends on the social platforms

#2. Provide audiovisual elements distance university

distance teaching

Distance teaching limits the teacher’s ability to express themselves since they can not interact with students as easily as they do in a classroom. To compensate for this limitation, it is convenient that you make use of visual elements, such as videos or images, about the subject you are teaching; In this way, you can offer study alternatives to your students so that they understand the syllabus better. For this, you can make use of the Conquer multimedia library, where you will find videos and images of all kinds of subjects and topics to introduce in your classes at a distance.

#3. Test them regularly

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You have two missions as an educator: transmit your knowledge to the students and evaluate them periodically. In order to keep each student connected to your subject and avoid losing concentration due to distance, you should go putting them to the test regularly. You can use smart links to send them tests immediately and get instantly the results they get. It is a good method to know in which points of the agenda the students weaken and reinforce them in your next classes. Keep reading http://bancheap.com/top-10-tips-on-how-to-choose-an-essay-writing-service/

#4. Maintain personalized contact by mail

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The fact that you do not have face-to-face treatment with students has the risk of turning your classes into impersonal and apathetic; Students will feel less motivated with a subject if they see that they do not have any kind of personal relationship with the teacher who teaches it. To avoid this, it is convenient that you send personalized emails to each student, urging them to ask their questions, commenting on the note of the last exam or offering academic recommendations. It is a necessary investment of time so that students do not feel isolated with distance teaching and are more comfortable during the online learning process.

Following these steps, you can offer your students a complete, didactic and interactive distance teaching experience that will have nothing to envy traditional teaching. In case you have experience teaching distance classes, do not hesitate to tell us your impressions through any of our social networks. At Conquer, we make it easy to create and distribute engaging learning content. If you have any questions about how to improve distance teaching or are interested in some of the tools we have mentioned, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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