Classroom Toys for Children: Motivate Students With Playing Games

classroom toys

These simple proposals will allow the little ones to learn to share, understand, and reflect on the game from the classroom toys of this Christmas. “If today we can face a challenge, it is because once, as children, we dared to ride a bicycle; if today we can silently admire a work of art, it is because once we were absorbed contemplating the dance of a spinning top. If today we can put ourselves in the place of another, it is because once we play to be another. The game makes us better people.” Inma Marín, pedagogical advisor in “The game, the essence of childhood,” (2015).

The classroom toys

The game and the toy are a means of learning and interaction for girls and boys because they enable the teaching of basic rules, acceptance of norms, encourage the development of a critical attitude, care, and appreciation towards toys and makeup elements of the relationship between all.

classroom toys

1. Turn the classroom into a corner of collective play

Set the rules of the class for the care of toys. When students present their toy, they can answer the questions: Who can play with this toy? What can you play with him? I like to play with him? What is it made of?

2. Dismantle the association between toy and gender

It is interesting to invite the little ones to reflect on this aspect: What toys do I like best? Children’s toys, why? Girl’s toys, why? Toys for both, which ones do you prefer? Etc.

3. Analyze the toys

In this activity, it is proposed to count the number of toys brought, make series, classifications …, according to the type of material, if they are individual or collective, if they move by themselves (use batteries) or they have to be moved or if they weigh a lot or little, for example.

4. How do toys work?

To discover it, you can disassemble a simple toy in class, observe and comment on how it is inside, what makes it work and then reassemble it.

5. Ask at home what dad and mom played when they were little

This way, they can learn about other forms of playing and different types of toys that have been used before. If you ask your grandparents, the difference may be even more noticeable.

6. Recover traditional playground games

Assess that sometimes nothing is needed to play. Proposals can be made to learn new games and share them with other students.

The first week after the Christmas holidays is a good time to celebrate the “Week of toys and games” in the classroom of Early Childhood Education, in which you can develop some activities presented here. First, the students choose classroom toys in the classroom. It is unnecessary that it be the gifts of the Kings or Santa Claus this year, as it will be a toy to share with others and at the end of the week will come home.

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