10 Good student habits: How they learn best students?

Good student habits

The good habits of the student experienced what? Today assimilate … Each of us knows someone who is extraordinarily brilliant in learning.

There is always one Stephen Hawking or Nikola Tesla in the class. Probably you wonder how they manage to always be prepared. I’m right? Many students lose motivation when someone else is very good and feel like not up. It ‘a condition that occurs quite often. But if you think the learning ability of your brilliant companions is due to good genetics, you’re wrong. It ‘s more likely that they are using the best of your study strategies.

There are several good student habits that have a real effect of improving learning. Follow these tips to find out how the best students learn more easily …

Good student habits
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1. Create a study plan

It may seem a matter of course, but the best students are able to plan their course of study. How many times you will happen to find yourself with a huge amount of things to study without seeing its end? A clear plan of study and gradually improves your motivation. When gradually unable to complete a task, you will reduce your stress and you feel ready for the next step. The secret is to focus on one piece of the puzzle at a time.

2. Walking is part of the student’s good habits

Are you puzzled? You do not have, so it’s an effective way to learn. Many students think they can fill their heads with one mole of exaggerated information. In most they believe they can do it in two or three hours continuously. I’m sorry to give you bad news: the ability to learn about books decreases over time. But this applies to any kind of attention, because after 45 minutes it would be better to take a break.

3. Build their mental maps for the study

It seems that using active learning encourages students to better build their own study methods. The use of mind maps seems to be a very effective method. Mind maps exploit graphic shapes, colors and words that are used to transfer information in a creative and personalized way.

These tools are especially effective in the case of historical or geographical notions dates.

Mind maps are useful allies during first storage and revision. They give a mental order to the concepts that are learned and then recall to mind more easily.

4. Get enough sleep

One of the good habits of successful student is the proper amount of sleep. With the right hours of sleep the brain reinforces the knowledge you have acquired during the day. Sleeping ago assimilate information effectively. The better you sleep, the better you learn. The relationship between sleep and learning is often overlooked by students who have busy schedule. The best students, however, know the importance of good sleep to learn the lessons more easily.

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5. Ask Questions

Instead of following the lessons in a passive manner, often students who actively participate in lessons are also those with the best grades. I know you’re probably thinking to the fact that they are “bigots” and yet they manage to bring home good results.

They are people who ask questions, engaging conversation with prof. Of course, you do not want to be either pedantic or “licking” but this does not mean that we must never ask questions about what you studied. There’s really nothing wrong with getting re-explain a concept that is not understood or to have a critical sense of what is being studied. It denotes intelligence, you know? In short, ask questions is part of the student’s good habits.

6. Test yourself regularly

Put yourself to the test continuously. Okay study and learn it well to repeat what you have acquired, there are other tricks to fix the basics. The best students use the concept of repetition delayed to optimize learning and incorporate effectively in the brain do they study. A system repetition delayed, is an educational system that exploits the “spacing effect” or “effect of timing.” Long-term Storing information is easier when this is repeated a few times over many months rather than many times on short notice.

There is also a powerful way to go over and see if you are prepared to exploit the online test. Regularly involve your mind to engage in the subject test you’re preparing, it is an alternative and less boring way to study.

7. Review suffered the mistakes that you make

If you want to build good habits of the student, you should begin to understand your mistakes. Always check the mistakes you make, the wrong questions, and that the search immediately or as soon as you can the correct answer. That is a question to which you answered incorrectly in class or a quiz being compiled, the best students always analyze the wrong answers. I assure you that it is a simple but effective technique to improve learning.

8. Create real conditions of examination and tests

In the experienced student habits, there is also space for car challenge. This means that a certain amount of time is dedicated to simulate a real test. It inserts a timer, put away the books and answering the questions making the brain work with the knowledge that you have. The online quiz is a great way to easily create the conditions for an exam.

9. Set a daily routine is a good student habits

If you focus all your study time in a couple of days it does not work, then it’s time to try something new (and less stressful). Find the time to study every single day, whether you have exams coming or not.

Consistency is the key and once you start good study habits, can be maintained throughout the school year on the right commitment.

Create a weekly or monthly schedule. Consider your personal commitments: chores, sports, various compulsory attendance at lectures, fun. Having the updated calendar by creating your priorities, you will be able to schedule study sessions for the month. All you have to force yourself to do is to stay committed to your new study program.

When the hours positions of the calendar study, choose blocks of time during the day when you know you’re at peak performance. Some students focus better in the morning, others at night. If you are unsure of when work better, try to study at different times of the day. This way you’ll know which time slot best suited to your learning experience.

Make sure you build your program so that it is expected of flexibility. Your calendar will likely change due to unforeseen events.

10. Be passionate about what you study

Those students who you admire, are passionate about what they are learning. They have the opportunity to further develop their learning because they are fascinated by what they are finding. Obviously, you cannot excite at all, but if what you’re interested in cultivating a constant curiosity, your motivation to learn will continue to grow.

Not all top students still follow precise rules. The best way to create good habits of the student is to try a variety of techniques and figure out what works best for you.

Do you have a special tip for students who want to improve their performance? Let me know in the comments!