10 keys to your children’s education

  1. Parents should educate the will of the children and their feelings. To prepare a child for life is not meet all your wishes and your every whim.

Teach your child to give and hear “no”.

Lay’s resignation, but take it to accept freely.

Give states the reason, its value and necessity for life.

If not now learn to say no to what is allowed, then you not know say no to the forbidden.

Too much pampering spoiled children; very spoiled children suffer a lot in life. They will live forever altered and insecure.

Too much pampering and censures, criticism and punishment is the main cause of insecurity in young people. The great men of history trials and privations endured in life. Little can be expected from men who never knew what are deprivation, renunciation and sacrifice.

Those who receive all childhood not know give anything as adults.

  1. Cholera is harmful to the education of children. Anger leads us to say words without thinking and acting rashly.

Talking without thinking and acting without thinking can hurt, injure, offend and bring to commit injustices.

Talk to your child calmly and ten weighted attitudes.

Anger, anger, lack of domain can make blunders committed.

Many parents, led by the anger of the moment, hurt the hearts of the children with words like these:

“You are good for nothing.” “Damn the time I have begotten you.” “You are the shame of the family.” “You do not worth anything.” “You are an unworthy son!”

Then, when you are calm, you reflect and repent. But it will be too late. The words were already spoken and the heart of your son and was wounded.

Think before you speak and think before acting.

A wounded heart always remains a scar.

Do not talk without thinking and without measuring the extent of your words.

Do not make a gesture without considering the consequences.

Your son is a treasure that deserves all the love, respect and affection; it is a treasure of life delivered into the hands of parents.

  1. Secret that a child trusts his father or mother must be like a stone thrown into the sea. Lurks in the background, nobody sees, discovers, knows.

Always be discreet, keep deep in the heart the secret of your son. Trust once. Lost hardly recovered.

A young man begins to become disoriented from the time they lose confidence in their parents. While the children rely on parents, always they have a light that illuminates a guide that leads and a compass to guide them.

  1. Best school of life is the example of the parents. The children need more examples teachings.

Parents cannot require them virtues and qualities that they have. Guarding his own works, parents will be building the morale of their children. What examples you give them? What you would you like your children to do what you do?

  1. The mission of parents is to guide, clarify, love, understanding, encouraging. Acting so give your child the opportunity to be affirmed in life. The love that children receive from parents and the trust they place in them is for young people under life insurance.
  2. Unburden is a psychological need of everyone. Your child is often psychologically burdened and feels the need to vent. Accurate to say what he feels.

Listen with patience and kindness his challenge, although speak aggressively and irritated.

Learn to listen with patience and attention the relief of your child and will avoid many arguments, disagreements and disappointments.

Let your child tell everything he feels and when it is calm, be able to reason and recognize the error.

He shared the doubts, anxieties and problems of your son and he will be your friend.

  1. Listening in silence is a virtue that parents should also have. Before you contradict your son, listen, analyze and try to understand what he means. And then he talks, but with love.

When parents rush to answer or contradict the child can commit an injustice or interpreted incorrectly, and this raises the rebellious son.

Let your child talk and listen patiently, and only then talk, analyzes, meditates and converses with him.

An angry person is not able to hear and understand.

  1. Let your daughter talk, just listen. After calmly and serenely converses with her. Maybe she says many wrong things, but analyzing it well finds many truths among the errors.

Appreciate and good value outperforms immediately point out and condemn wrong. Nobody likes to be refuted and censored instantly.

Many parents do not defend the truth, but if their views to prevail over the views of their children.

The child is not an enemy to fight, but a friend to conquer. And to conquer nothing better than knowing hear.

  1. Your child needs advice and recommendations, but must be well measured doses, given with love and kindness. A barrage of advice and recommendations irritates and saturates. Excess, rather than positive effects, brings negative results. Give your child the most useful and practical advice, not the most pleasant. Give advice as a suggestion and not as an imposition.
  2. How many young people have not discovered the true meaning of life! They live and not know why. We are in this world to love and do well, love binds us to each other and all together we will love God. Love always brings unity and leads to do good works. A life without love is an empty and meaningless life.

Life is given to us to grow ever more in love and aggrandize through the practice of good.

Education is not only fight evil, pointing and blame the errors incentivize education is especially good, teach good manners, value and encourage good works.

Too much criticism and censures removes the incentive and the desire for good. But to appreciate and value the good things stimulates and encourages them to pursue the path of good and improving. Excess reviews and censures make him insecure, anxious and upset.

Pointing errors with love your son, appreciate its virtues, encourages good and values its good deeds.

That criticism, censure and reproof are always constructive and not destructive. They are always positive and not negative.

* Remember past and forgiven mistakes, discouraged and discouraging. It is nice hearing the same complaint, hearing the same tune people who persist in playing the same key.

* Forget the mistakes made by your child in the past, and encourage good in the present, valuing his good deeds, however small.

* And so, if he was bad, he tries to be good and if good will strive to be better. For more tips visit http://apporello.com/.