4 Reasons Sending Your Special Needs Kiddo to Summer Camp is a Great Idea

We understand. Every parent worries when they send their kiddos to summer camp for the first time. And that worry is so much worse when your child has special needs. But the truth is that there are tons of benefits to sending your child to summer camp. The least of which is giving your child the opportunity to learn more about the world around them while broadening their scope.

A Caring Camp Can Enhance Your Child’s Life

If you’re sending your kiddo off to summer camp for the first time and you’re worried about the kind of care and attention they will receive, we highly recommend Camp Barnabas. The staff is highly-trained, experienced, patient, kind, and – most importantly – fun! They will make sure that your kid(dos) are taken care of and that they enjoy themselves while they’re there.

A Unique Way of Learning More In-Depth Social Skills

Sure, your child probably gets plenty of social interaction at school and has all of the basics covered. But a summer camp provides a more unique and fun way to develop more in-depth social skills. Without the weight and worry of studying and grades, most kids come out of their shells all on their own. The fun camp setting allows for even the shyest children to shine brightly. And with special needs camps, they have support staff that has been trained to help even the shyest clam open up.

An Exercise in Physical Fitness to Boost Confidence

There’s not a child on earth who doesn’t benefit from some physical activity and time outside. Unfortunately, special needs kiddos don’t always get to participate in gym class or join up on sports teams. That’s part of what makes summer camps so amazing and enriching. Special accommodations are made at many special needs camps that allow children with all needs to enjoy more physical activities. From teaching children how to ride bikes without training wheels to fishing, climbing trees to wheelchair-friendly sports, special needs summer camps have a plethora of amazing activities.

A Fun Way to Measure Progress

When you send your child to the same camp year after year, both you and your child can see their progress. Many parents talk about how their children don’t even need the camp helpers anymore, and how it’s boosted their confidence exponentially.

At the end of the day, summer camps provide children of all abilities an amazing opportunity to learn so many skills outside of what a standard school can provide. They encourage teamwork and friendship, build life skills, introduce new hobbies and worldviews, and can give your kids joyous memories and confidence enough to last a lifetime.