5 More Great Ideas for Using Interactive Whiteboards at School

Looking to get more from your school’s interactive whiteboard? Sometimes these fantastic pieces of technology simply aren’t explored enough, or inadequate training can make them seem daunting. But they are in fact very easy to use and highly intuitive once you begin to explore their possibilities and functionality. In our previous article we looked at five great ways to get more from classroom digital whiteboards, and now we move on to another series of five ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

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Digital Painting

Art lessons are usually very popular with students as they are, but you can ramp up the interest even more by using online applications that allow digital brush painting. The experience feels akin to the real thing – but without the mess. You’ll find different software packages that can help students to improve their art skills, whatever their current ability level. The tech is also very useful for doing sketch-ups for project ideas and helps to conserve paper resources.

Screen Recording

Record learning experiences on your School Dry Wipe Magnetic Whiteboards to review later on with your class or to share with your students at a different point. This is great for things such as presentations, speeches or assessed work where you wish to revisit what was done.

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Study and Gaming

Learning and play needn’t be separate with School Dry Wipe Magnetic Whiteboards. Look for student-generated games that link with study materials, or ask groups to come up with their own games that embed learning concepts. This helps students to really absorb and engage with problems in a new way, and there are various online software programs that facilitate the process of game creation.

Team-Based Competitions

You can connect Kinect or Wii hardware to the interactive whiteboard to allow your students to compete with other groups from across the world on specific lessons. This can really bring learning to life and add plenty of energy, team spirit and focus. It’s also an interesting way to create global links and to encourage students to see beyond their everyday borders.

Class Trip Reviews

Ask your students to create videos and images during a field trip and then create a recap of the event with the whiteboard. This helps students to see how their learning experiences translate into everyday life and helps to embed memories.