5 tips for holding an online discussion

online discussion

Have you ever felt that as an online student you need more guidance to express yourself?

Have you thought that if you received more help from the beginning perhaps you could take better advantage of forums, chats, etc. What are you offered on virtual platforms?

So, I’ve decided to write some tips on how to get the ability to create online discussions, argue, opinion … Guidelines that will help you complete the evaluation when you take online courses.

Dear students, In order to make a meaningful and really worthwhile evaluation, keep in mind the following tips on how to approach an online debate …

1) First of all, you have to read everything that your classmates have previously written in the forum. Most of the digital resources that are used in the classroom today (electronic digital boards, for example) offer students Teachers the option of reading what students have previously written. The more you read about what has been written in the forum, the more information we can get from it.

2) Although, as I just said, taking into account everything that happens in the forum, we must remember that it is not the same a traditional discussion in the classroom that a debate over the network. The responsibility is for all members of the class, the discussion does not take place in a single moment in time, but the students have to turn on their computer, read what their classmates have said previously and then say, taking all of it a timepiece.

online discussion
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3) When you have to comment on some of the posts that your colleagues have made before your arrival in the forum, avoid comments like “I agree with you, Marcos” or “How much reason do you have, MarĂ­a”: these types of words are Well to start with your own comment, but you cannot stop there. If you want to reaffirm yourself in the post of a partner, you also have to explain why you think good or bad, writing a response in detail. So, in addition to supporting what someone else has said, you will know critically evaluate the people around you, something that will serve you much in the classroom as much as in online debates.

4) Remember that the online forum is intended to create debate, so you have to always respond to your classmates, as if you were in class. In this way interpersonal relationships are developed, as well as the educational community. Besides, you would not like to feel ignored when you talk, right?

5) Lastly, do not forget the most important thing: give your opinion on the subject. Remember that you have to be respectful with the diversity of opinions that often occur in the debates (just like you would like them to be with you). If your opinion is backed by real events, talk about the sources and their reliability. Most forums are of opinion and do not look for a good or bad answer, but if there is one, it offers the necessary information to reaffirm.