Creating a Disney Themed Workspace for Your Children

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Trying to get children to be excited about homework is no easy feat; however, if you can make their workspace more enticing for them, they may just knuckle down to their studies without problems! This article is going to give you some hints and ideas on creating a Disney themed workspace for your kids.

The Space

You don’t actually need a huge amount of room to create your child’s workspace. Clearly it has to have enough space to fit a desk, as well as good lighting to ensure your child doesn’t suffer eye strain when working on a screen or with books. Good natural lighting would be ideal, but if access to windows is limited in the space, ensure you have a good artificial light source.

It should also be a space where your child can study free from disruptions where possible, which isn’t always easy if you have more than one child, but making it as quiet as possible is ideal. An attic, for example, is usually a good spot to create their own work environment.

If you are using their bedroom as the workspace, then there are things you can do to utilise the space better, e.g., using a cabin bed with a desk underneath. If you’re good at DIY, you can even take a shot at building your own which will save you money and means it will be built to your own personal specifications and space.

Home made cabin beds can be painted in Disney colours, so if you’re going with a princess theme you might choose to paint this pink, or Mickey mouse red and blue. If you aren’t keen on the DIY route, Lenovo has some fantastic deals on kids’ computer furniture which will give you a great starting point for your Disney themed child office!

Décor & Accessories

Once you have your space and lighting sorted and you have a good idea of the furniture you are going to include, you can start to ‘Disney’ your walls! If you’re artistic you may opt to paint something yourself, but it’s just as easy to purchase wallpaper or even decals which are extremely cheap and will thrill your child as they are available in pretty much any Disney character you could hope for!

If you don’t want to decorate a whole wall, you can simply add Disney pictures to your walls. There are loads of options around to buy prints or you could get creative and do some Disney cross stitch to frame. The nice thing about this is that, if you’re crafty, you can stitch cushions for their chairs too!

Don’t forget to finish your Disney themed office with Disney stationery. Kids love notebooks and pens and adding a Disney theme to them will make them anxious to use them! You can even add Disney decals to your child’s laptop to make it extra special and in keeping with the theme.

Creating a Disney themed work spot for your child will not only excite them, but it will also encourage them to spend time studying. For relatively cheaply, you can create a gorgeous place for your child to thrive.