How Can We Prevent Cyberbullying?

How Can We Prevent Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a serious problem that many adults suffer but it becomes an even more serious problem when there is the involvement of minors or adults and minors. The cyberbullying or cyberstalking among the good school is a particular type of cyberbullying applied in a context in which they are involved only minor. Let’s discover how can we prevent cyberbullying.

How Can We Prevent Cyberbullying?

The first thing is to prevent the prevention of risks of misuse of technologies soon. You have to start in early childhood education, of course, but in a unique way in primary education. You have to talk to the children to inform and sensitize them about the risks and dangers. Not only teenagers can take risks on the Internet but also children.

The second is that we have to talk to our children so they don’t share personal information on the Internet. The sooner they start connecting to the Internet, the more danger they may have if they do not have sufficient information about the risks.

How Can We Prevent Cyberbullying

We have to be aware of what our children do on the Internet. We must know your conversations by email, chats or social networks. It is very easy for cyberbullies to discover where they live, the places they like to go or who their friends are. That is why it is important that they do not share data such as an address, mobile phone, the school they attend …

Detect Cyberbullying

Once you have detected in the child or adolescent that you may be suffering from a situation of harassment, especially if the child is in a situation of confusion about what to do, the best way to address it is through communication with our children. We have to talk to them so they can tell us everything that happens to them and how they are harassed.

Normally the child who suffers harassment can feel guilty about what is happening and tends to hide their situation from adults. You have to talk to him and help him give an effective response. It is best to seek professional help that can advise us and go to the school if cyberbullying comes from it so that the situation can be resolved before it gets worse.

If we don’t know, we don’t know who the stalker is, since he may be at his school, we have to report the cyberbullying to the police or to the competent agencies of each country. It will be necessary to explain in detail the situation of harassment that the child is suffering so that they can help him.

It also adds the lack of knowledge of adolescent children about the virtualization of the content that occurs when using social networks and how those contents can be disseminated quickly without we can do anything to avoid it.

It could be threats such as warning another person that serious harm or harm will be caused to her or to someone around her, slander and insults or crimes against privacy as inappropriate use and without permission of images or personal data.

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