How to prepare for exam in a week

prepare for exam

How to study in a short time: Do you want to prepare a college exam in a week but do not know how to do it? Do not miss our advice!

How do you prepare a college exam in no time?

Prepare an exam in one week is it possible? In theory, you can, aspiring, why not, even at 30 and praise. Unfortunately, however, not all cases are the same and the variables to consider are many, from the difficulty of the subject to the number of pages to study, from the basic preparation you have on the exam topics (is it a matter you like? lessons – are you already familiar with many aspects?) to the determination, up to the short-term learning and learning ability you have. 

Anyway, if you’ve been at the last moment to prepare for an exam and you do not want to skip the appeal. Do you want some useful tips to prepare a 7 day exam? We asked the experts straightforwardly. That’s what they told us!

Be prepared in the shortest time: Straight to give an exam in 7 days

You’ve decided on the exam, you’ve picked up the material you need to prepare yourself and now you just have one plan to study it all in a week. Strength and courage: with these tips you can do it!

prepare for exam
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Make a detailed gear
To be able to study well all the exam in 7 days it is necessary to be very organized and very finest. The first step is to organize the study. Take an account of the pages to study and chapters and then share the topics for the days you have available (if you can leave a day or half a day for a brief final review). Make a pattern with the hours to go over the books, focusing on the day-to-day studies that are more congenial to your concentration. Also, do not forget to schedule so many short breaks (10-15 minutes) to rest and eat, so you can recharge and do not go crazy.

No to the last minute sums, yes to the schema with the keywords
If you’ve been busy and you have already summarized the books, using the syntheses is certainly useful. However, if you are starting to study a subject now, you will not have time to memorize by writing the summaries. Instead, it points to fast and immediate schemes for fixing the most important concepts and keywords.

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Read the notes carefully
If you’ve followed classes in class, a good help can come from the notes, which can supplement, summarize, and / or facilitate the study of textbooks.

Listen to the lesson recordings (if you have them) in free moments
If you are lucky enough to have recorded the lessons, it may be helpful to listen to them whenever you want to unplug your head and relax.

Use colored pencils and highlighters to maximize photo memory
To prepare the exams you have to point to all the possible storage methods. Very good, especially for short-term study, is photographic memory. Use different colors to highlight different concepts / arguments / phases: in this way, by reviewing the page and colors associated with your mind, it will be easier to remember the contents! Another valid method, if you have so many names to remember, is that of associations.

Contact students who have already taken the exam to have useful information on exam questions
We use socials continuously, so why not join the benefit to the delightful by contacting the comrades who have already given the exam to ask them what are the generally asked questions or the most talked about topics?

Go to the reception by the professor
Another useful tactic may be to go to the professor’s or professor’s reception to show you interest in the subject, to understand what the topics are most concerned about, and perhaps to have some clarity about everything that is unclear to you and / or you have no I got it.

Make a study group with your comrades
The risk of studying with other colleagues is distracting too much. However, if you have companions as motivated as you, it can be said that “union is the force”. It organizes a study group, perhaps the day before the exam, for the common review, to exchange doubts and to confront what has been studied.

Do not be discouraged
Studying an exam in a week will definitely be tiring, so there will be moments when you think you will not do it and give up. Do not be discouraged: think about your goals and be sure of your potential.