How to teach students of emotional management?

Teach students

Teach children to manage their emotions and frees teachers from many worries and makes us gain time behaviors. Yes, of course: it seems very difficult, and it really is (is not it, knew inclusion adults do, we would get much less trouble). Today we give you a guide, because the return to school is already a fact and plays get to work.

Emotional self-management

That means: to have a proper, independent and unsupervised behavior. The first thing to learn is to properly inform if they did mandated tasks, and if not, provide justification or excuse.

Teach students
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We must be aware and responsible for the decisions we make: tantrums are your decision and no better option to get assertively they need a tantrum.

Specific behaviors

What behaviors should learn to self – manage? After analyzing this, we must instruct clear and understandable steps with what is supposed to be appropriate behavior: the print media and videos are an excellent and easier to remember help. The songs also work.

Information system

How can you report your behavior each student? Cuts cardboard or token economy is excellent aids: for example, “if I pick the toys, mark my box ‘Collect toys’ with this smiley face” or “if I share, I’ll have a yellow star.”

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It is necessary to remind every child what system is followed and review compliance with behavioral measures such as the checklist of tasks, making the necessary observations. The self and emotional regulation should be rewarding: it is good that there are incentives to complete routines because it motivates them to learn (and yes, you, adult / a, you also come pearls). Spend more time in the yard to play, finish before a class … is good incentives, but do not forget that it would be good to them and to generate ideas themselves.

Jump on the road

If your student / to skip a step of a more comprehensive process, take it gently back; if this is not possible, you can move to another complementary activity and back again to the previous spent time


The goal is not YOU use the box token economy, but is used by them and them to know what their behavior has been exemplary and what errors may have committed: ask if you think there is a way to correct them. That’s self. Your comments complete their own self -assessment. How long does that process…? For life … Do not expect miracles the first month.