How to write and take notes of lectures: 10 Tips

take notes

In this article we give you some tips how to write a summary that it was really a valuable reference book, not just a battered notebook with scribbles.

1) To abstract is better to use the notebook on the rings. This option allows you to replace one or two spoiled sheet without problems (see, that ordinary notebooks do very problematic)

2) It is better to make recording only on the front side of the paper. Firstly, it’s faster to write. Second – on such accounts it is very convenient to view information in the night before the exam. The only drawback – the increased consumption of paper (though saving a lot of time).

take notes
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3) In the upper right corner of each (!) Pages you need to set the date and page number. At the end of the notebook can make a table of contents, which can be reflected not only the titles of lectures, but the page numbers that contain the key points of the subject

4) A synopsis – one item. This is optimal. If not – then clearly distinguish between objects with colored cardboard inserts.

5) No need to write anything that says the teacher. On average, we are talking up to 6 times faster than writing. Therefore, it is desirable to “filter” the information they have heard and record only the basic.

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6) You can use acronyms and abbreviations to speed up letters

7) At the time of writing, abstract do not need to bother to spelling and punctuation. Still no one sees. The most important thing – to write the desired information. The same applies to the language, which is recorded lecture. You can use jargon, if it will be faster and more intuitive

8) Definitions and terms better record, word for word. Many teachers like when students properly cite their

9) Entries must be neat and legible as possible – in fact for them will then prepare for exams.

10) It is advisable to carry in the summary of all that the teacher writes and draws on the board. This information is sometimes much more valuable than the color pictures from books and presentations.