How to write the index of the thesis?

index of the thesis

You need to get a picture clear of the situation. It serves the reader to orient themselves within the work. It needs to complete and enrich your thesis.

What are we talking about? Index of the thesis.

In previous articles, we dealt with all the elements that make up a good, serious and careful layout of the thesis, from introduction to conclusion, abstact the bibliography.

And in a thesis of respect cannot miss the index. A careful, precise and painstaking index.

 index of the thesis
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College kids just steps away from graduation, a last effort and you can say that I’ve made.

The index is one of the parts most important for a good thesis and needs a special attention.

It can be inserted at the beginning or end of your work. Can be prepared prior to the thesis writing is the end. (It is recommended at the end, because you will already have a clear picture of the situation!).

How to write the index of the thesis

Dear graduates, the index you must be able to reproduce exactly the content of your thesis. It is a “mirror” of the titles of your work.

Put simply, you have to take into account the division into chapters, paragraphs and even sub-paragraphs. Without forgetting to write the title of the thesis, the introduction, the abstract, conclusion and bibliography (with the related pages).

Thanks to the index, your ideas take shape and a logical order. It is a kind of pattern that will make your ideas ordered, precise and understandable for you and for the reader.

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Here’s an example of index:

The newspaper … (title of the thesis)

Introduction p. 1

Chapter One

The historical and linguistic path of the newspapers p. 4

  1. The newspapers in the first half of p. 4

1.1 The language of the newspapers in the first half of p.6

Small Tips

In Word, you can insert a table of contents automatically. But if your computer is not your forte, you can write the index of the thesis to the old-fashioned way: manually!

But remember that you’ll have to work for a clean:

  • Align the whole so that it is aesthetically pleasing and not messy;
  • Update it as;
  • Avoid using the space bar to the space, but the tab key.

Therefore, future doctors now are really at the end of this adventure. After many years of study, lessons and exams, after so many months spent writing your thesis, chapter by chapter, from introduction to abstract, through the bibliography and coming to conclusion and to index, now there is nothing left but sit in front of the commission and give the best of you.

Good luck!