How Valuable Is Outdoor Space to London Buyers?

Garden areas are often seen as luxuries in modern cities, but more and more people are opting for a small tranquil space that they can call their own. In London, green space is hard to come by but, according to research, adding in a green space can increase the value of a property by up to 20%. With the current average London home price approaching £500,000, sellers can increase their asking price by almost £100,000, which is excellent news.

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An Attractive Option for City Dwellers

With recent lockdowns and more work from home opportunities, a suitable garden space and even a patio area have become attractive features for city dwellers. More and more people now view their house as a home from home, and the tranquil oasis that a green space offers gives them an escape option. Not every property dweller will have the opportunity to benefit from a green space, however. If you live in a rooftop apartment or small self-contained floor flat, you may not have the luxury of an outside garden. However, there are other ways you can boost your home on the inside, such as maximising the potential through renovation of rooms and general cosmetic upgrades.

Do I Need a Buyer’s Survey?

Green space also benefits vendors too, allowing them to sell and move to a larger property out of the city. For property buyers who are on the move in the capital and require a home buyers survey London has an abundance of professionals who can take care of the paperwork involved. Companies such as can carry out the survey and remove any stress involved in the moving process.

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An Outdoor Oasis on the Roof Will Give You Your Garden Space

London continues to remain a favourite spot, especially for younger people. It is possible to purchase a stunning property near chic areas of London where Millennials will feel at home. With outdoor green space at a premium in London, not all properties that come on the market will have a garden. As an alternative, roof terraces and balconies that allow householders to enjoy the open air are other popular choices, and they too can add value to the property. With traditional home improvements coming back into vogue and a better work-life balance, people are adding new kitchens and bathrooms and converting flat roofs and balconies into little outdoor oases.

A Well-Landscaped Garden Will Add Value to the Home

If you are lucky enough to have good outdoor space in the city, a well-landscaped garden is another attractive feature that can add value. If executed properly, it can add a substantial sum, especially in areas such as Kensington.