Key to remove your accent when speaking English

Speak English

Often we are recognized by our particular accent when speaking English. The truth is that, although we sounds like a bit ridiculous to speak English with our usual accent, for an English or American is logical and it can even be entertaining.

Speak English
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Germans, French, Italians, Chinese … all have their accent when speaking English and basically nothing happens, although they have done a good immersion have been lost.

Suppose you do not want to keep your accent hallmark of when to speak English and want to pronounce as they do. Here are some of the keys…

What to do to lose the usual accent in English?

Here are some tips that you may find useful:

  • Happens all the time you can listen native English: films, series, videos on the Internet, real people we talk every day. Try to detect pronunciation errors that you make when you hear a native speaking English.
  • Read an English text aloud and record it with your mobile. That will help you listen to yourself. At first it sounds weird because many people sounds strange to hear his own voice, but it is important that you take notice of how you hear others.
  • Instead of studying English at a school in your country, try to learn English in England doing a course with native teachers.
  • Native ask someone to help you pronounce that you speak with your accent.
  • Rehearse in front of the mirror the words you learn and see how you put your lips.
  • Try listening not only English, but also to see how they put the English lips when they utter a word. Now try to pronounce it the same.
  • Try not only learn English reading, pronunciation acquire bad habits if you learn a lot of vocabulary, but listening little English. Now devotes more time to the sound vocabulary and fluency.
  • Does not get obsessed with losing the accent; people want to pronounce everything so perfectly that prevents fluent in, lock and complicated life. Do not fall into that. You’re going to improve your pronunciation gradually, but fluency is more important.

I hope these tips will be useful for trailing the accent, but remember, stress is also a sign of identity and the natives do not seem so bad to have your accent.