Method of effective and quick study: Which to Choose?

Quick study

Adopt an effective study method from the beginning of their education means putting on your way able to bring you straight to success. The achievement of its objectives depends precisely on the method used, i.e. the set of steps taken to study in a safe, but also sent personnel targeted to achieve its expected results. However, not always the most popular methods will also reveal the most effective.

How do you find the one that best suits your needs, but more importantly, what features should have a good method of study?

Quick study
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How to find your own effective study method

The time spent on the books is not always synonymous with quality. It is important to see how to study, to look great. Often it can happen to devote many hours to the study but was unable to get the right results in terms of votes but especially learning. This means that the study method adopted is not one that best suits our needs. How do you figure out which is the most effective, i.e. what are the best techniques to learn a particular topic or concept in the shortest possible time and with the maximum yield?

To understand the most effective way according to its own characteristics, the only way to go is to the study. You cannot expect to find the best method without first having it tested. To understand what will be the most effective, it must shed light on these elements and subsequently fulfill his personal roadmap.

  1. Distraction level: We need to assess what their propensity to be distracted by this and act accordingly by choosing the best place in which to study and eliminating possible sources of distraction.
  2. Concentration level: To understand the propensity to focus, it will be appropriate chronometry during the study and analyze how long you can stay focused before starting to lose the rhythm.
  3. Limits relating to the matters to be studied: The method of study also varies according to the subjects to be studied. It realizes that purpose a list with all subjects being studied, starting with those who consider themselves to be the most complex.

Characteristics of effective and fast method of study

A good method of study you recognize it from some salient features. Here are the ones that make it effective:

  1. Disciplinary capabilities: A method to be truly effective it must also be functional, i.e. adapted to the materials. The study of mathematics, for example, may not provide the same learning techniques that will adopt for the story.
  2. Performance: An effective study method is that if it allows the highest yield in the shortest possible time and with less effort.
  3. Quality: In the time must be able to ensure a high level of quality of education leading to a higher learning.
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Effective study method here is the main

Once you understand how to select the best method of study to suit your needs and learning the main features, it just has to find out what methods are considered more effective. To understand what will be able to take us straight to the desired goal, it is important to use them and test them all until you get to the one that allows you to feel more prepared with less fatigue.

  1. Schemes and conceptual maps: This method is designed for those with a schematic memory. Through the screens and the concept maps, they will have less difficulty both in the learning refresher.
  2. Voice Recording: Like its predecessor, relies on memory, this time hearing. Effective especially for college students who are able to record without problems the lessons in the classroom and which can then listen back later in the study and implement schemes.
  3. Notes and summaries: Some students need to print on paper the concepts to be able to learn more. This method is for those who manage to get the most from the notes in the classroom and their subsequent reprocessing (written) in the form of summaries.
  4. Read and repeat: Perfect for those who feel the need to rely on the book was not yet able to process the concepts in a personal way. It is the most common method but also probably the least effective, certainly the first to start.

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