Student Responsibility in the Classroom

Student Responsibility in the Classroom

It is necessary to start that it is not the same to be responsible than obedient. Student responsibility in the classroom is necessary because they are the main part of a school. There are educators who constantly give orders to children to perform a certain task or unthinkable a certain behavior: “When you arrive, you must take your notebook from your backpack”. To determine if the student is responsible, the keyword is not the repetition of the actions to be carried out in the classroom. The student in the previous case makes us aware that he is obedient.

Student responsibility in the classroom

Students must attend to keep up with their learning. If at any time the student must be absent because he must go to the doctor or because he is ill. It will be necessary to justify these faults, especially if he has to do an exam on that day and cannot attend.

Comply with the punctuality rules established in the school

Students must understand the importance of punctuality in this way. They can be so and that, it helps them to succeed. Punctuality is a necessary quality in life in society, both personally and in the workplace. That is why many educational centers close the doors when an established time passes, and no one can give. If you are going to be late for some justified reason, the rules are more flexible in specific cases.

Consider and respect the right of your classmates to study

This means that students must take into account that their classmates are also in class to train and study. So, their right should not be broken and should not interfere with this work. They must be able to respect the normal rhythm of the class. The teacher can carry out their work as well as so that their classmates can study quietly.

Student Responsibility in the Classroom

Follow the authority of the teachers of the center

The authority in the educational center must be respected and the professors are professors of authority that must be respected. They must be able to speak with them with excellent communication and without bad manners.

Respect the beliefs, ideologies, and moral and religious convictions of their peers

We live in a society marked by the heterogeneity of people. We live among many cultures and where people have different moral, religious, or political beliefs and that all of them must be respected. Respect and tolerance are the keys to living together in harmony and respecting all people equally.

It is obliged to respect the rules of coexistence established in the center and to collaborate in its improvement. In addition to respect and tolerance, to live in harmony. Also, it is essential to respect the rules of coexistence established in the center. So, every people who make up the educational center feels safe and happy.

Take care and ensure the responsibility of the furniture and facilities of the center, as well as the technological means put at the service of students (computers, digital boards …)

Some recommendations

  • Perform his tasks at home and school without having to remind him at all times.
  • Do not systematically blame others.
  • It is able to choose between different alternatives.
  • Can play and work alone without anguish.
  • Make decisions that differ from those that other students make in the group in which they move.
  • Respect and recognize the limits imposed by parents and teachers without useless discussions.
  • Focus your attention on complicated tasks for a period without reaching frustration situations.
  • Recognize their mistakes and try to correct them without making a mess.

The responsibility of teachers is to reflect on their daily practice because in us it is to foster responsibility in student and not to believe that because they are small. It is better to teach them as soon as possible. Responsibility helps students to be a good citizen.

Then, the teacher’s responsibility is to love the students, with a fraternal love of responsibility, care, respect, and knowledge. The differences in talent, intelligence, and knowledge are negligible compared to the identity of the human essence common to the men.

Zimiya Taylor

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