Studying at the University: How to organize time to a month from the exam session

How to prepare all exams for the next exam session with the right approach.

The exam session is at the door and very often, it feels vulnerable to spending time like a swallowed fly in a glass of water. Maybe the comparison was a bit too loud but true. The time runs and we cannot stop it, so if we do not start thinking about studying it can be really hard to be able to pass the exam without hearing. Here are some very basic facts.

Define the main goal

Firing in the air without looking at anything is crazy. Let’s start by defining our goals. We do not expect to pass 5 sessions per session if we did not open a book in three months. We try to believe in what we do but with the student’s intelligence, not that of a fool who hopes to go private without even knowing how to define the material goods. Then we choose which exam could be simpler, which exam can be quickly matched to those we have already prepared.

Group the material!

Do not go blind, try to make order on that desk! Remove the exam textbooks you’ve already ground up and try to make some order. Having so many books only serves to confuse you further. Just keep those you really need.

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Do not be smart, especially with the professor’s book!

It may happen to some exams to think: “I jump a few chapters, gain time!” Never do it! It’s the worst thing you can do for an exam, especially if the book is written by the same professor you are examining. You will know the manual well, avoid going to make bad figures please.

Make a road map

Time is your friend if you learn how to divide the days well! Here’s an example …

  • The next Appeal is in 30 days
  • The book is 300 pages
  • 10 pages per day = 300 pages in 30 days

However, we try to increase our daily pages to 15 rather than 10 so as to leave a little of time to prepare us better! Then consider that we will not have the chance to study (sudden headaches, unforeseen events, etc., etc.) every day.

If the exam is too big to be prepared in the last month, you can find online notes that will make your life easier without going to weigh on the preparation.