The Easy Guide to Effective Studying


Exam season is a stressful one for many students, whether they are in college or in high school. Exam stress can take its toll on anyone, and this is emphasized on the fact that often these exams will then determine the direction their life will take. A bad exam season in high school could affect where they go to college, and a bad college exam season could determine their placements and even career options. Although nothing is certain, trying your   best and giving it all you’ve got can reduce the risk of a poor grade that’ll sit on your CV for years to come. Therefore, if you’re hoping to get the best grades possible and limit your number of distractions, consider the following:

Create a Timeline

To ensure that you have time to study everything, you need to set a timeline for yourself. Study past papers, split your revision into categories and use the power of deduction to deduce whether one topic is more likely to appear than another. While nothing is certain, some gambles can pay off in the long run.

When making your timeline, do so on the computer and print it off. Hang it in an easy to see area of your bedroom and stick to the timeline as much as possible. You may want to leave a few sections blank, in case you need to study one topic more than the other as the exam approaches.

Tip: Break up your day with different tasks and topics so that you can give your brain a break while still studying. Working in 90-minute intervals, taking a break, and then starting the next task can help you learn and work better than trying to do one project all at once.

Take Breaks

In this timeline, you need to account for breaks, however, this doesn’t mean a ten or fifteen-minute break here and there. You need to add in an afternoon off, or a night out at a music event. You need to work with your brain and your body in order to succeed. By buying a music ticket from Ticket Sales during exam season, you can give yourself the break you need in order to head back into studying completely refreshed. If you don’t think you can go out during this period without stressing yourself out, then get a ticket to an event for after your exams, so that you have something concrete to work towards.

Healthy Living Before Exams

Finally, the best piece of advice anyone can give to help you study before an exam is to simply live healthy. Eat healthy, nutritious foods three times a day, get enough sleep, and try to schedule some relaxation periods in between. Similarly, try to work in a library, café, or study area (even if that area is downstairs in your kitchen) and keep your bedroom for relaxing only. The better your health regimen, the better your body and brain will work with you for the exam.

Exams are stressful, but they aren’t the end of the world. Use these study tips to better your unique studying habits and know that whatever the result; the future is only what you make of it.