Using School to Jump-Start your Career in Cosmetology

Cosmetology school can prepare you for many different careers in the field, including hairstylist, esthetician, make up artist, and nail tech. Your experience in school can help shape your future career, preparing you for success and for the competitive field.

In school you will learn about how to be an entrepreneur. This includes supporting you as you make data-based decisions on when, where, and how frequently to work. As a self-driven professional, you will build skills in determining going rates for your services, and how to make your passion your profession.

Cosmetology school is the first step in building a successful career and shaping your future. With classes and activities that structure your experience to mirror salon work, you will learn about commission, rent, licensure, and building a brand that can withstand economic changes. The courses are typically quick, and so you can begin your practice in the field soon after enrolling. This will permit you to develop your signature styles and skills.

In school, you will begin to develop valuable connections with classmates, local salons, and mentors. All will spend time assisting you in developing your skills and your brand. From this team of professionals, you can shape your career in to a more focused field (make up? skin care? hair care?) and can learn more specific skills and techniques associated with that area. Whichever you choose, your services will always be in demand as more and more women and men are taking a great interest in how they look and how healthy their skin, hair, and nails are.

It is okay to feel overwhelmed by the career choices that await you through cosmetology. Through school you will have access to career counselors and advisers who will support you in making decisions about your future (did you know there are jobs for beauty writers?). Early on in your coursework you can meet with these individuals to develop some clear ideas about what your hopeful school outcome will be. They can even assist you with developing business plans or meeting successful small business owners if you are interested in mixing your passion for cosmetology with business and business development.

Through cosmetology, whether you are a make-up artist, a nail artist, focus on skin care, create new hair colors and styles, or something else, you are making a positive change in the life of your client. You time in school studying cosmetology will shape your future career and help you turn your passion in to your profession.