Why do we use calculators? 7 reasons to use the calculator

Why do we use calculators

Today, it is an undeniable fact that the technologies have changed the way we teach. They have also changed how humans face the world. Today we want to talk to you about one tool that has been best incorporated into the classrooms of educational centers: the calculator. Do you know all its advantages? Why do we use calculators?

No one doubts that students must develop their calculation skills independently of any machine or technology. The calculator should not replace the natural reasoning process of the student but should be used in an appropriate way so that it becomes the ideal partner in math classes. Keep reading: Mathematics for preschoolers aged 5-6 years and some assignments

Why do we use calculators?

Calculators are increasingly essential tools, simple and efficient devices with which you can solve more complex operations. But are the advantages they can bring to teaching really so many? We bring you up to 7 reasons that confirm it:

Saves time

When the objective is to develop general mathematical reasoning abilities or research of numerical patterns, the calculator is necessary to avoid spending minutes solving long and tedious operations. Investigating is also a vital part of the knowledge that we sometimes put aside for lack of time!

Why do we use calculators

It is necessary to learn its use

Both in secondary and high school or even in the university, the calculator becomes a necessary asset inevitably; so students will use it more and more frequently. And since it is a daily instrument who better than teachers to teach them how to handle them correctly?

They are neutral to failures

Errors are not perceived by the student as a reproach or criticism since it is he who corrects his exercises. A great way to enhance the capacity for self-criticism and problem management.

They help motivate students

Repeated calculations significantly reduce interest in mathematics. Students tend to get bored when classes are based on monotonously solving sheets and plagued sheets of exercises. What if we do some different activity with the calculator as the protagonist?

They encourage the critical spirit

When the use of calculators is prohibited or reduced. They become tools cherished and admired by students, who will end up considering them the best way to solve a calculation. However, their daily use can cause students to doubt and position themselves critically before them. ‘Will I have typed the numbers right?’ They will think.

Why do we use calculators

They help detect possible errors

The ability to verify calculations quickly enables students to ask for immediate help with the wrong answers and to detect possible mistakes.

They allow you to take out the funniest side of mathematics

In addition to taking advantage of the immense attractiveness that screens and new technologies have in younger people, we can also use calculators to do something more original in our classes. Check out these games designed specifically for this tool!

And you, do you frequently use the calculator in your classes? What advantages and disadvantages do you think it has?

Zimiya Taylor

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