Your duties on vacation, yes or no?

Study in vacation

Duties on vacation, yes or no? That is the question many parents ask ourselves when the summer season arrives. Do you really have to do their homework well in summer?

The concept we have of these tasks, or had, is that they were a review of what was occurring or had occurred in class, method for children to retain information more effectively. However, they are so necessary? Moreover, it is useful to send children much homework?

Study in vacation
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Do our children have to do their homework on holiday?

Several researchers have studied the usefulness of homework, and while there is no clear on the duties consensus on vacation, they do seem to agree on one point: They should not steal too long the child.

The famous booklets holidays have survived over the years, especially because they are practical and light and do not involve stress in children. But do they have real effectiveness? Once again we find researchers argue, first, that the holidays are for kids disconnected, which almost never notebooks summer ends and not really serve for the child to keep the information received during the course.

On the other hand, we find those who argue that children should work a little during the summer to review what they have been learning in class to not lose some of that knowledge. While, yes, they say that should always be a fun way to be perceived as something fun.

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But wait, there’s more. There are professors and researchers who believe that children should not learn from books or homework during the summer. They have to devote to make discovering the world around them and allowing them to participate directly in the organization of family life. Learn to cook, play outside, read stories, encourage creativity, crafts …

This is a somewhat complicated issue because parents often do not have the two – month summer vacation available to their children, so no they can devote themselves to teach that kind of stuff. And what is the right choice? Ah, good question! This will be a decision of the parents, who will judge what is best for their children. Our advice is that you keep in an intermediate position and, through ludicrous means, ye that your children learn and retain certain lessons learned, yes, without forcing, who are on vacation. Duties on vacation, yes or no? What do you think?