First rule for college is to have self-esteem, because winning helps you win


The first rule for college students is, do not lose confidence in themselves. Indeed, estimate every day. At the University as in every other area of life exists a saying: winning helps you win. In other words: Maybe exams helps to give the exams. Do not be afraid to present an appeal or to try to write a subject. Very often, the real block to our careers are not the teachers nor the subjects endless: ourselves and our sometimes fragile psychology.

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We are not convinced of our quality, we are doubtful and fearful when it comes to take an exam. We do not feel up to, and we are afraid to take a bad disappointment. To process your college career is booming you only need to do one thing: to strip off these false beliefs about yourself. You are the best and you have intelligence that they can pass any examination, even the most difficult. And trust that the exams at the University are hard yes, but they are more of the other challenges you will face in your life after graduation.

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Begin to give the subjects one after another, with no stress with some, but never pull the plug. Winning will help you win all the time. Introduce the testing of materials at the beginning will cost you a fight with yourself (even with the fearful part of you) but once won this battle will be able to handle anything. I speak from my experience: I was beginning to increasingly fearful exams, anxious, doubtful and the results were very low. Then at some point, as time went on, I acquired a kind of security (which should still be distinguished by arrogance!)

Which allowed me to sit for the exams with the belief that in one way or another I should make it. When I sat in front of a professor or an assistant (that sometimes is even worse, you’ll know it) I had in mind that what was about to begin was a war: psychological certainly but still war. And I had to win the war at any cost. And a fighter fearful never won any battle. Estimate every day and thus abandon your unjustified uncertainty: you are the best and with a bit of courage always be able to prove it, not least the University. Good luck for your future … err, sorry, I meant exams you are the best and with a bit of courage always be able to prove it, not least the University.