Medical tests: How it works, prepare to overcome it

Medical tests

How to overcome the medicine test: How it works, the advice to prepare for and overcome it.

The test of the most coveted admission by students is one that allows access to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Each year thousands are trying to overcome the multiple choice test. But the percentage of those admitted is really low compared to the number of candidates who submit the application form. But why is it so difficult to get medicine? In recent years, partly due to the growing crisis, the medical faculty is one that most of all guarantees real chance to work. Furthermore, the prestige of the profession of doctor remains among the most popular of the company.

The limited number of places available, and consequently the high competition, but also the difficulty of the subject matter of the test, make this test among the most difficult to overcome. But despite the many obstacles, each year many students are able to realize this dream. Some even after several failed attempts. But how to overcome the Medicine tests? How does the admission test and how it performs?

Medical tests
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Medical tests: How it works, what to study and how to prepare for admission

How to overcome the test of Medicine? Students who pose this question every year are many. And one of the first things to do for those who want to join the medical faculty is to understand how the test is structured.

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The admission test consists in solving sixty questions in 100 minutes of time available. Each application includes five response options, of which only one is the correct one. The arguments of commandant cover the following subjects of the tests Medicine: general knowledge and logical reasoning, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. The assay is performed on the same day and at the same time. It is one of the tests for admission to graduate programs at national and planned access.

To be eligible, so we need to know in detail all the topics of the study program provided by the Ministry. It must program the job, dividing issues and topics with weekly programs must be followed. Only in this way you will avoid yourself unnecessary last minute. It could also be helpful to practice with the evidence of Medicine of previous years as suggested, the portal where to find tutorials and other helpful tips to pass the test. There are also special manuals, which provide real simulations, or questions and exercises to test their preparedness.

The tests results are announced by the Ministry of Education about a month after taking the test. It is compiled a national list, where the scores obtained by the applicants who responded to the questions are indicated. The available places are occupied by students who have obtained the highest score, which will be awarded to the university chosen in view of the result and to availability.