How to Enroll in American Universities

American universities

Mirage for many, the dream for some, studying in the United States of America is true that it is an economic luxury, but you can orient yourself with some things in the sea magnum of education offers and selections to see if there is the right course for us who deserves to make sacrifices.

How To Register For University American

To apply for entry in one of the US universities of America is less complicated than it seems, even if it requires some narrow places and awareness of specific costs. Usually simply fill out online, on the individual university website, an application form at least 18 months before the period in which you would like to attend the course of study, to better manage the paperwork and do everything with less stress. We must consider, too, that the period of acceptance of applications for university courses starting in autumn is generally the first half of January.

American universities
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1. Application fee

To start you could make a list of universities that offer the course of study that interests you follow and skim until you have a fortnight. This is because only apply for acceptance in American universities has a non-refundable expense (30 to 90 US dollars). Whatever will be the outcome of your request you will be required to pay a certain sum of money.

2. Motivation letter

Recovered all the contacts of the various registration offices, the best thing is to send the request via e-mail one by one with personalized motivational letters, also called “statement of purpose” which should provide useful information and bring the enclosed documentation of your previous work (thesis and otherwise) the breeder to assess if choose you. These will be differentiated from the many impersonal requests they have received. Clear that the document must be written in English.

3. Education

Do not just apply for acceptance and send the cover letter. The loot must be attached also the ‘transcripts’, i.e. your qualifications. Simply you have to do is pick up all your school certificates (copies of original documents), necessarily recognized and authenticated by your school. If instead, you are college students, you must submit a certification document including the investigations carried out with results. That said, not over here.

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4. Test Act & TOEFL Test

In addition to be eligible you must pass a test called the SAT or ACT (American College Test) which consists in applications of various disciplines to frame your general culture. Do not run away from here. To get prepared, you can practice online, on the Internet there are many simulations, and training courses. And it is recommended to run the test at least 12 months earlier than the beginning of the academic year. Not only SAT test / ACT, you must also present your certificate of American language … the so-called TOEFL. Each university has established a minimum score to be achieved. Otherwise, you will not even considered. To know more visit

5. References are written

Direct contact will also help you understand the real possibilities of frequency and what are the services that are provided by the university for foreign students. Accompany the application with written references is a practice; better if you have at least three, together with the list of your exams and grades, shipped directly from your previous university. It ‘also required to give the name, title and contact details of the persons indicated for references. If you have had some work experience, also enter your employer, it may be useful for evaluation purposes.

6. Financial Statement

Before being accepted into universities, you will be asked to give an economic guarantee to confirm that you are able to support the often expensive American taxes. The safety of the presence of these cheap funds (through the presentation of a “financial statement”) will serve you well to ask the documents student visa.

7. Question accepted and student visa

Once the university has accepted your application in fact, it will release a module, called I20, valid to request the international student visa (F-1), which is valid only during the period of study. Having said that the Housing Office of the chosen college will give the accommodation specifications: either on campus or off campus. In the first case we will have to make new request through the “housing application”, while in the second case you have to move you, with the support of your university, to find external housing. In any case, quiet. The American organization is the highest level.

8. To recap

To give greater clarity, we list all the documents needed to start your registration request to an American university:

  • Request for registration or “application fee”
  • Motivational letter or “Statement of purpose”
  • Qualifications or “transcripts”
  • Personal financial certification or “Financial Aid”
  • Successful completion of the placement test certificate (SAT / ACT)
  • TOEFL certificate with a minimum score achieved