Does the choice of school affect your professional future?

professional future

Professional future-The choice of a school is an important decision insofar as the experience during the school stage will be decisive for the future, especially work. On the one hand. It  can act in favor if the student, due to his personal characteristics, integrates perfectly in the school community. And does not find it difficult to follow the course. On the other hand, can act against  when the student finds obstacles. Because the center does not suit their needs. This guide will help you find the school that best suits your circumstances or. If you prefer, you can use the school comparative.

Socioeconomic level of a student, key to their school performance

Socioeconomic level of a student, key to their school performance

But not only is the school in which the years of schooling pass. or the characteristics it brings together in terms of endowments, type of pedagogy, ownership, etc. Circumstances that surround students as the amount of family resources that can be allocated to training. Its adaptation or complement it are more significant than the type of ownership of the center in which they are enrolled, for example.

According to the conclusions reached by the last PISA report (International Program for Student Evaluation conducted by the OECD every three years), in similar economic contexts. School performance does not vary, regardless of whether the student comes from public education. The private one (that obtains better results in PISA). Or of the concerted one. The socio – economic level of the student’s family weighs more than the type of center in which it is studied.

Professional future Public private or concerted?

Public education is designed so that, regardless of the social stratum of origin. The capacities or the type of functional diversity that the student has. He or she will obtain profitable results for his future. Public education is free and universal. So it gathers a greater diversity which, on the one hand, enriches it. But on the other it must face the continuous challenge of overcrowding. Too many students per classroom, an education that aims to cover any educational need. But whose resources are limited and lately subjected to large cuts.

The private education and the concerted one are integrated in a majority way by students with a superior socioeconomic level. In addition to considering fewer students per class and the provision of the centers is of higher quality is the purchasing power of families which. In general, has a greater influence on academic results above the average. And that, probably, will contribute to a better professional future.

The influence of a good (or a bad) teacher

Other elements that will influence in the future will be the relationship with teachers. Having a bad teacher of English. Or in mathematics is the reason that many people use to justify their phobia of languages ​​or calculation. Having had a negative experience in this regard with a teacher often produces a rejection of a subject. And the steps are directed in the opposite direction.

However, the influence of a good teacher has greater implications. Someone who knows how to inspire or detect a talent. And who encourage them to follow will leave a useful mark and, probably. The seed of a vocation.

A little later, when the time comes to decide on a specialty to be trained after finishing high school. The most decisive choice for the future of work will take place. For example, choosing a STEM career (scientific-technological careers) will provide many opportunities both for a rapid entry into the labor market. And for a good and well-paid professional career. Following a vocation or perfecting an innate talent will also be decisive regardless of the career chosen.

Finally, the character will be the amalgamation of all these ingredients. Constancy, motivation, tolerance to frustration, will. And communication skills will play in favor of carving a good professional future.

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