Interior Home Design: eight reasons to study it

Interior Home Design

Surely you already heard about it, but you do not know exactly what it is or want to know more about it. Do not worry! Here we will briefly explain what it is about and why you should pursue this career.

Interior home design brings together many technical, aesthetic and creative aspects at the moment of creating an environment, be it a bedroom or a supermarket.

Shapes, texture, colors and lighting will be the tools you will learn to combine to provide a design that not only stands out for its beauty but also for its functionality.

These skills are very demanded in the labor market. You can work as an independent, consultant for decoration companies or commercial spaces. In fact, the market is quite broad in this race, so your options are unlimited.

Interior home design test your creativity

the Interior Home Design

Every day you will have a new challenge. In your mind you have an idea of ​​what you would like to create, but the fact of maintaining the aesthetic between textures, design, lighting and colors is a difficult task that will make your brain have many things to think about in order to balance your idea.

You can always draw

This is definitely the most fun of all. If you liked to draw since you were a child, in this race you will not stop doing it. You can draw dream spaces; however, as you progress you will have to use exact measurements or proportions in your plans that will make your illustration, something completely professional.

You will polish your retail side

In this career you will work with many materials. In addition, when presenting your projects you must demonstrate your skills in the selection of textures and colors in the models you make. It will be a very thorough work that may take days, but very satisfactory in the end.

Every day you will have a new challenge

As you progress in your interior home design career, you will have the opportunity to develop several spaces and they will all be totally different. A themed bar, a vintage room, a stage for a concert, a boutique, an underground house, the possibilities are endless. Are you ready for the challenge?

Create eco-sustainable spaces

The resources of our planet are not eternal, that is why it is important to build in an eco-intelligent way. According to the Commissioning Technology & Sustainability Costa Rica (CTS), an eco-sustainable building can generate savings of more than 30% in energy and water, and a reduction in the greenhouse effect by 35%. Can you imagine contributing to the environment thanks to your career?

You will develop interpersonal relationships

If you like to listen to people and understand the needs of others, then you will know how to communicate your ideas to your customers and find solutions. If you need to develop this skill, this career gives you the opportunity to develop empathy. So you will not only grow as a professional, you will also grow as a person.

You will have a career with excellent professional projection

This career is very demanded in the labor market, you will have very good chances of entering large companies and / or developing your own business.

You will make many people happy

From a family to thousands of people will enjoy the spaces that you created. Are you already convinced? Study our new interior home design career and create dream spaces that are eco-friendly with our planet. Be an agent of change in society.

Zimiya Taylor

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