The Superior Course of Osteopathy and Complementary Therapies

Superior Course of Osteopathy 

The Superior Course of Osteopathy and Complementary Therapies is taught in distance mode. Access a booming sector and become one of the most valued professionals.

“A DISTANCE course for residents in Spain with a price of $ 1,500 to pay from $ 50 per month. NOTE: Foreigners living in Spain must have their situation regularized to qualify for 100% interest-free financing”

With the most complete course on the market in Natural Therapies. Diploma accredited by the Spanish Professional Association of Osteopathy and Bio-therapy (APB)

Natural therapies are experiencing an unstoppable boom, they have become a usual complement in the prevention and treatment of many ailments, and more and more people come to the consultation of a Naturalist as an alternative or complement to conventional medicine.

The Naturalist acts as a health counselor. It does not use drugs or surgery but uses natural methods such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, massage, therapies with vitamins and minerals, diets based on healthy foods and exercise.

It is a growing profession, with a high demand, for which there is a lack of trained professionals. Today he has the opportunity to access this profession, with all the guarantees, with the new Superior Course of Osteopathy and Complementary Therapies of the Professional Institute of Health Studies, and accredited by the Spanish Professional Association of Osteopathy and Biotherapy (APB) with the No. 1190-48.

The course, conducted by professional osteopaths with years of experience and accredited by APPEND, has a multitude of examples and hundreds of illustrations to help you learn. In each chapter, you will find, together with the theoretical development of the different topics, self-assessment exercises and practice tests that will allow you to assess the level of learning acquired.

It is an excellent opportunity to get the training you need to work, from your own home and in less than a year. With the guarantee of more than 20 years of experience in distance training from the Professional Institute of Health Studies and the endorsement of the most representative Association in the sector.

Superior Course of Osteopathy methodology

best Superior Course of Osteopathy

With the Professional Institute of Health Studies, you will be able to study at your own pace, from your home, without losing time in travel or depend on rigid schedules. This method allows you to combine your training with your professional activity or other activities. In addition, you will have the following advantages:

  • From the first day, you will have a teacher-tutor at your disposal, who can make your inquiries personally, by phone, letter, through email or online. Read more: International Relations Degree
  • You will have all the study material in your home from the beginning. Complete manuals in full color, with examples, case studies, etc.
  • A Diploma will accredit your knowledge. Once you have successfully completed your studies you will receive a Diploma that will be very useful in the demanding labor market and will accredit your knowledge. The Diploma is accredited by the Spanish Professional Association of Osteopathy and Biotherapy APB
  • Employment Exchange The interested student can include his Curriculum Vitae in the Stock Exchange that the Center manages. Important companies come to it with the guarantee that they will find qualified professionals.
  • You can pay for your studies with total comfort. We offer our students an advantageous financing plan by which they can pay for our courses with comfortable study fees, without interest of any kind.


Superior Course of Osteopathy


At the end of the course, you will receive a diploma that endorses your knowledge

We provide everything you need to succeed: quality training, the best-updated information and, at the end of the course, a Diploma that will accredit your knowledge and open the doors of the labor market. The Diploma is issued by the Professional Institute of Health Studies and accredited by the Spanish Professional Association of Osteopathy and Biotherapy APB. Read more: Thanks to education people do not reconcile with reality but rebuild it

In addition, you will always receive information and advice from your tutor and our experts in Labor Orientation. And, if you wish, you can access our Job and Internship Card exclusively for students.

Destinations Advanced Superior Course of Osteopathy and Complementary Therapies

All those people who want to practice as a professional in the different fields related to alternative medicine.

Health professionals (doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, chiromassage, osteopaths, reflexologists, therapists, pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, nurses, etc.) who want to complement their studies with knowledge related to Natural Therapies.

  • Dietary advisers, technicians, and graduates in human nutrition and dietetics who wish to offer a complimentary service.
  • Companies and businesses dedicated to the world of physiotherapy (herbalists, pharmacies, nutritional advice centers, etc).
  • Beauticians who wish to incorporate treatments and natural products in their offer of services.
  • People committed to themselves and who wish to be responsible for their health and well-being and that of their family, learning natural and healthy habits and remedies as a complement to their usual medical monitoring.

Objectives Superior Course of  Osteopathy and Complementary Therapies

In just 9 months, you can:

  • Understand what Osteopathy is, as an art of healing through the force of nature, and know the bases and principles on which it is based.
  • Analyze the different methods available to the naturalist to carry out the assessment and examination of the client, as well as the clinical history.
  • Know the different systems and devices that make up the human body, as well as the most important associated pathologist.
  • Assess the diet and food habits of your client and advise him to take a balanced diet that helps in the maintenance of health.
  • Plan and prepare the diet, through the tables of food composition, and carry out a nutritional follow-up.
  • To know the properties of the most used medicinal plants in physiotherapy, including their active principles, the way of preparation, their precautions, contraindications, and interactions, as well as their therapeutic properties.
  • Master physiotherapy and aromatherapy, by knowing the uses and benefits of medicinal plants, oils, and essences, both to relieve pain and to improve and regulate the functioning of the body.
  • Know the allergenic preparations and their most common forms of administration.
  • To know the applications and benefits of homeopathy: to know the most important and most used homeopathic supplements, as well as the most suitable homeopathic remedies for the different pathologist.
  • Know different energy methods as healing therapy: know what Bach flower therapy consists of, know the properties of each of the Bach flowers and their application,
  • Learn about different complementary natural therapies and other alternative methods to traditional medicine: therapeutic massage, adjudicatory and pathological medicine, hydrotherapy, music therapy …

The Superior Course of osteopathy is very broad and brings together several fields where you can develop your activity. Undoubtedly, where a naturalist will deploy his profession in a more complete and comprehensive is in a consultation of osteopathy. However, there are other areas of work very common in the field of natural therapies where a naturalist can develop their work: centers of hermaphroditic or herbalists, parafarmacias, spas and spas, gyms, beauty centers, health centers and centers of natural dietary advice.

You can work both on your own and others, the course offers the necessary training to know the procedures to set up a company and everything you need to know to access and successfully face the different job offers.

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