What is it that makes a successful E-Learning project?

E-Learning project

Planning Guide eLearning projects, both for training and for education


  • What, I need?
  • Audience I address
  • Temporary means: how much time do I have? 
  • Human resources: what professionals have at my disposal?
  • Media materials: what budget can afford to fix?

E-Learning project
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  • Simple content: text, graphics, audio
  • tests
  • limited interactivity
  • PowerPoint presentations

Preparation time: 70 to 130 hours


  • More interactivity than level I
  • Generous use of multimedia elements: animations, audio, video, podcasts….
  • Simulations and activities
  • Forum and tutorials

Preparation time: 145 to 275 hours


  • P2P and interactivity with and forming.
  • Simulation and gamification: “Serious Game”

Preparation time: 300 to 725 hours

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Quality assessment: 10%

Ensures the quality of procedures, the ability to pro-activity to prevent defects and improve performance Course.

E-Learning Development: 30%

Voices: 5%

(For podcasts and other audio sources)

Graphic Design: 15% 

Images, illustrations, typography, customizing the platform…

Teaching: 30%

Information, knowledge, skills, training and educational itinerary planning

Project Management: 10%

Create project goals and manage time, quality, materials, personnel, budget…