12 things I’d like to hear tell my students

Teachers and Students

What would you like to hear your students? Would you rather not hear them? In these simple questions and statements is great potential or directly great knowledge. Sure you’re willing to listen!

1) It is interesting, but the evidence is weak: The ability to separate something with an attractive shape, with a striking appearance, a rational or irrational structure. So yes.

2) The text says … You’re on the corrector way: back to text and stop looking and half-truths subjective opinions. Back to text is the only way to form a solid opinion a straight doxa, as Plato said.

Teachers and Students
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3) I used to believe … It’s good to be aware of the transitions that you experience in your thinking, your approach, your opinion; pretend to be anchored or fixed anchored in something solid to appear before and the other is counterproductive: allow yourself to mutate and learn.

4) This reminds me … It is one of the most important answers you can hear: link knowledge, trying to assimilate the new about what you know … and share aloud that process.

5) I understand everything, even X: When you want to say you do not understand or do not know something, it is better to specify that way what you do not understand: the more information we have the teachers on plantains doubt, the better we can solve it.

6) I have found a source of information that seems better: Evaluate and judge questioning sources of information, moreover, is given one of the highest levels of Critical Thinking: congratulations.

7) It would be better to ask something like … Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

8) I would like to know more: For that we are!

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9) This argument fails at this point: It seems that the author loses control of his argument. I have never heard this in secondary education, but if you hear …

10) I’m not sure I know enough to add something new: Awareness of yourself / or your limitations, will to go on, willingness to learn and work … Is not it beautiful?

11) If we accept that as true, then … Critical analysis. Wonderful.

12) Will you let me try? Recognize standards, needs, patterns … and the need to saltcellars and go beyond, to commit more, to improve yourself despite the uncertainty of trying conquers everything. For more visit http://optimaspecialty.com/