5 reasons for integrating literature (all) the curriculum

Integrating literature
Today is the Day of the Book, and we want to celebrate Escuela20.com explaining the advantages that brings literature to the curriculum: no, we do not mean only the language arts curriculum or curriculum Foreign Language … No. speak of all talk about the inclusion of Literature in Education, but “real”.

Integrating literature
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1) Rest: Literature is an escape from the daily routine, both in the classroom and outside. Teach students the value of recreational reading and strip the literature of that component “obligation” is the first step.

2) Experience: Children broaden their horizons, their creativity, their experience and their own experiences through vicarious experiences narrated. Through Literature we visit unfamiliar places, you meet people and new characters, we learn about the past, about other cultures, about our emotions, our tastes ….
3) Language: Nothing better than to read well to write well. A good pen is made, not born. Good literature exposes girls and boys to grammar and spelling, and inadvertently, in a playful way. It also improves obviously reading skills.
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4) Thinking: Helps develop logical reasoning skills related to the sequence, cause and effect, the motives of the characters … It develops visual thinking and, above all, empathy.
5) Dealing: Literature helps children to address their problems from a broader perspective. Problems and situations narrated in the books can be extrapolated to their life situations, with which can be easily identified. In addition, developing creativity is imperative to develop problem – solving skills.