10 advantages of continuing to education when you are working

continuing education

Continuing education offers you greater job opportunities, better salaries and growth both personally and professionally.

Ongoing education allows you to be more attractive

  • Have you stopped education when you start working? Error!
  • In a market that is not going to stop changing in a dizzying way, curiosity and restlessness are fundamental competences.
  • In recent years, there has been a large labor gap between digital and non-digital, among others. In the next will be even more remarkable. Do not stop education at any time.

Through university studies or education courses, we are trained to access the labor market. But once we achieve it, it is usual that this preparation is done aside to concentrate all the energies in the work for which we have been hired, it is a serious error.

The labor market varies continuously, making the education needed to access a job also change. The new technologies and their application, the new professional profiles generated by changes in the educational offer, and digitalization; are some of the causes of this constant need for updating that leads companies to want to have the most suitable professionals to face the new challenges.

Is this constant innovation going to slow down at some point? It is not only necessary to assume that it is not, but to face constant innovation as an advantage, a permanent challenge that requires continuous education.

Advantages of continuous education

Innovation, improvement, the search for new solutions are only disadvantages for those who are not curious, excited about new challenges and permanent commitment to improvement … and the lack of these skills can be a serious problem in an environment of change to which you must adapt quickly. The reality is that companies, increasingly, need equipment with these characteristics. Even much more than profiles with a certain university degree.

continuing education
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Continuous education by the company or personally

Once continuous education is essential, this should be the responsibility of the companies, but as it is not always and in their own interest; continuous education must be an obligation of the worker them self.

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Why? We give you 10 important reasons that will push you to make a decision …

1) More and better job opportunities

It is not only to increase the degree of knowledge or specialization, in itself already important; but to demonstrate an attitude of continuous learning, which will give you new opportunities. A restless profile demonstration may be the key.

2) Better salaries

Greater preparation for the labor market is accompanied by better remuneration. It is known that professionals who have postgraduate studies and education are more attractive to companies, with the desire to retain them offer higher wages than those that would offer a worker with less education.

3) Specialization: Higher employment rates

Even in times of crisis, unemployment did not affect the digital sector, why? Because the demand has continued so far being greater than the offer of trained people.

Study the sectors most in demand, try to get ahead studying trends and staying up to date.

4) International career opportunities

Specialization only in your country? Think that in the new global world you could work in your country or in any other country, even from your home. Do not close yourself to new ways of working and think about trends not only in your market, both to work and to train you. With online education, you can train from home in any country in the world.

5) More resources to overcome crisis or circumstantial problems

When the economy of a country suffers ups and downs, or work in a certain sector falls; workers with a higher level of education or specialization always have a greater number of resources when it comes to seeking to improve their situation.

Education in this sense is life insurance.

6) Creating a solid personal brand

The personal brand, the professional image we project in the market, is of the utmost importance to access better job opportunities. Keeping up-to-date with the needs and education trends of the sector you work for will help to create a stronger and more attractive personality brand for recruiters.

Remember: this is a competency economy where curiosity, restlessness, or desire for improvement are important assets.

7) Firm contracts

The difference between a temporary contract and a stable contract can be a course, a postgraduate course, or any stage of education that allows a worker to present himself as an important piece for the team and, therefore, a worker who should offer a stable contract that ensures its permanence.

8) Possibility of reaching positions of responsibility

The top managers of the best companies in the world are characterized by a common factor: their education. Reaching the top of a company will depend, to a large extent, on how prepared the worker is to deal with this responsibility and again, on his profile and his demonstrated human competencies.

The vision of continuous education for teams, the need for innovation and improvement, the ability to manage changes … are ingredients that are expected from the new leaders.

9) Ease to change sector

By expanding the horizons, education in the area for which you work but also in those that can be identified as “emerging” or of growing interest for companies; It can make it easier for workers to change from one sector to another if necessary.

That is, those who are trained will have greater job opportunities in their sector but also in others, which is of great help during economic crises and moments of market instability.

10) Networking

Contacting other professionals, nourishing what they have to teach and contributing knowledge and experiences to colleagues is essential to grow both personally and professionally. Each course, small education or education stage that is traversed will allow access to meetings with other professionals and networking moments that enrich professionally but also personally.

In case these 10 advantages are not enough, it is necessary to emphasize that besides involving a clear benefit for the worker, the continuous education allows the companies to be more attractive, and therefore the most competitive and interesting market. Workers, companies and markets can all improve with the right education.