5 good reasons to NOT postpone an exam


When you think of failing to properly prepared for an exam and you know one-step away from postpone it, read this article and start studying!

The college career of each student is dotted with ups and downs, as disappointing flasks offset by satisfactory achievements. To keep in mind is that everything depends 90% on how we organize ourselves, how we study and especially how we do it. It often happens, however, in critical moments, in those where we do not feel; you decide to skip the call, convinced to go to the next one. It is however not a very smart strategy, because we see …

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1. Every choice entails its responsibility!

In short, you’re in college, you have taken a decision that commits you to take courses, learn from time to time and try to get to the appeals with a preparation, if not solid and perfect, at least decent and overall. The fact of not being followed by teachers as in high school should not be misleading but an incentive to make their own bridles of our college career and make it the best we can.

2. Okay, no rush … But time is running out!

Appeals are counted and the middle are the lesson periods, going ahead to postpone examinations of examinations are likely to stay back with the other courses and over the years!

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3. Circles vicious …

Postponed examination is supposed to exploit the extra time to complete the study or prepare themselves better, but often we fall into the trap that makes us think ‘ah, but yes, I still have time!’ and we dedicate ourselves to another point so finding ourselves at the head.

4. At least try it!

Go to the call to at least try (most suitable for the writings, perhaps oral avoid a figure of m … is reasonable) has never hurt anyone! You may find that those few concepts that you know are the ones asked that day and there could be good! Mal going, you’ll still tried it and you’ll have an idea of how it is structured examination.

5. It is also a question of character

Set yourself a goal and work to achieve it is a sign of a strong personality, determined, tenacious and conscious of its duties. It is a fundamental aspect that, in addition to forming the person, will have significant findings in the long term!