5 Great Places to Move When You Graduate From College


Just like you were desperate to get out of the town where you grew up, there is a good chance that you are desperate to move to a town that is far from your college. The truth is that change is good and we need it to thrive. If you have intentions to enter a certain industry, you may need to move to an area all there are relevant jobs. If you don’t, it may be difficult to find a position you really love.


All across the country there are some amazing locations that not only have great jobs, but also great quality of life. It is important to find the trifecta: good air, clean streets and great food. Meeting a few likeminded people and affordable rent won’t hurt either. Here are five great places to move when you graduate from college.


  1. Raleigh, NC

More and more people are moving to Raleigh, North Carolina. One of the biggest reasons for this migration is because there are more jobs, specifically in the biotech industries. In fact, Raleigh is home to one of the largest research facilities in the country and jobs are opening up left and right. Plus, the rent is affordable and there is a growing art scene, which means that the city is rich with culture.


  1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the last great vestiges of a cultural metropolitan city with affordable rent. Most cities have gone tech and the rent is astronomical. Of course, there are plenty of tech jobs in Seattle and some neighborhoods are quite pricy, but there are also some really great jobs in education and healthcare. Plus, the coffee in Seattle is better than anywhere else in the country! It should also be noted that the air is crisp and clean year round thanks to the surrounding bodies of water and mountains.


  1. Austin, Texas

One of the blessings of living in Austin, Texas is that it is incredibly affordable. This has made moving here quite attractive to young people who may be in debt thanks to their four or more years at a certain university. One of the biggest job markets in Austin is the pharmaceutical market. There are a lot of research facilities and plants. You could be getting a job in the pharmaceutical industry making medicine or marketing medicine. Another big benefit to living in Austin is the thriving music scene.


  1. Cincinnati, Ohio

If you are going to the University of Cincinnati and want to stick around your campus, you may want to simply upgrade to a better apartment. Cincinnati is quickly becoming one of the most sought after cities for young students since it is a beautiful city and has some great public parks that are perfect for weekend strolls.


  1. San Francisco, California

Get ready to spend a pretty penny on rent, but San Francisco is going through a bit of a second gold rush with the recent tech boom. More and more tech campuses are sprouting up throughout the region and there’s no shortage of great food and entertainment. In the end, if you are a programmer, you could make a decent income and be able to pay your bills in this city, but you have to be willing to work hard.