5 Helpful Stress Management Tips for College Students


According to national statistics, about four out of ten students report feeling stressed out on a regular basis and one out of five students feel like there is no escape from the stress. When it comes down to it, there is no demographic where stress among college students is not a factor. It is a way of life – much the same way that the freshman 15 is a way of life, or hazing or any of the other traditions that students carry on at various colleges. Indeed, there is much more at stake in college. Here are five helpful stress management tips for college students.


  1. Learn to Say No

If you don’t have the time or energy to socialize, then it is OK to pass on a party invitation or night out with friends. Many college students get stressed out because they give into peer pressure and shirk other responsibilities. When these students realize that a test or exam is fast approaching, the stress can really start to sink in.


  1. Create a Schedule and Live by it

It is also important to create a schedule. This will really help you stay on task. If you have four or so classes in a day, and a number of other activities, you may not be able to remember everything. By writing it down in your schedule, you will be able to jog your memory a lot more easily. Moreover, most scheduling apps will send you a notification letting you know that a certain appointment is fast approaching. The busier you are, the harder it will be to keep your entire schedule inside your head.


  1. Study a Little Bit Every Day and Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Cram

It is important that you study every day. Many college students wait until the night before, which can cause the stress hormones to course through your brain. If you are taking a USC online course, you may want to study for future exams before they are even announced. You can do this by looking at the syllabus, or by speaking with your professor. Moreover, you want to go over your notes right after a lecture to make sure everything is compiled.


  1. Get at Least Seven Hours of Sleep Every Night

Sleep is a critical factor in the fight against stress. Many college students don’t get enough sleep – either because of social obligations or because they are up all night cramming. This is why you really want to organize your time and get to bed at a decent hour. You will be surprised by how amazing you feel after a full night of sleep. And after a week of catching up on sleep, you’ll feel invincible.


  1. Speak to a Counselor and Get Organized About Your Classes

On top of everything, you want to make sure you aren’t taking too many classes. If you are, you may want to cut back. When you just get to college, it can be easy to want to take an extra class or two to speed things up, but this can cause burnout. In the end, you can speak with a counselor about your options.