5 Ways an Online University Can Save You Money

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In the past, online courses weren’t seen as “real” courses. If you told someone that you are going to college and are taking online classes, they may have even scoffed. These days, however, online courses are just as valuable as on campus classes. Moreover, the whole world is using the web to do everything from fund businesses to find a date, so there really is nothing to scoff about. Even if there was something to scoff about, the financial savings alone can be worth it. Not only that, but most online courses don’t leave you in a sea of student loan debt. Here are five ways an online university can save you money.


  1. Reduce Car Expenses

One of the biggest expenses one can incur when students are commuting back and forth to school each day are car expenses. If you live in a city where a car isn’t that necessary, but necessary to get to college, you may have to purchase a vehicle just to get to school, which could set you back thousands of dollars.


  1. No Parking Fees

Parking is another big expense, because a lot of college garages require a hefty monthly fee. It’s sort of like renting a parking spot. If there isn’t a lot, you may have to deal with metered parking, which can come with its own unique set of headaches. For instance, if you leave your car for too long, you could get a ticket. Moreover, you could risk getting your car towed if you don’t read the street signs correctly. On average, you could be spending a minimum of a few hundred dollars getting your car in and out of a parking space.


  1. Lower Tuition Costs

One of the biggest benefits of taking online classes is that you will save money on tuition. For instance, UIC Online will be a lot more affordable than going to an actual campus everyday. Not to mention, you may be dealing with student loans that could bog you down for years to come. Right now, there is a bit of an epidemic when it comes to student loans, so taking online classes and avoiding debt is your best bet in this economy. The last thing you want when you are starting your career path is to worry about owing money.


  1. Digital Textbooks

Another place you will save money is with textbooks. Most online courses won’t require heavy, expensive textbooks and instead suggest digital downloads that are much less expensive. Of course, you can usually find affordable textbooks if you look in the used section of your campus bookstore, but even then, there may be some new textbooks that will set you back a few hundred dollars. When you study online, you can usually use digital textbooks.


  1. Cheaper Office Supplies

On top of everything, going to school on campus forces you to spend money on things like food and school supplies. Moreover, you have to deal with printing and making copies, which can really add up – not to mention, it’s also bad for the environment. In the end, taking classes online will save you a bundle on these miscellaneous costs.