5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Your First Day of College

Successful Freshman Year in College

The day right before college can often be the most nerve wracking. This is the time when you have everything moved into your dorm, or your apartment, and are just waiting. This waiting can make you imagine a lot of things, especially concerning college life. What will my classes be like? How long does homesickness last? Will I meet friends?


These are all legitimate questions, but you want to be able to answer them with a bit of wisdom – wisdom you may not have yet. This is why you want to keep a few things in mind before your first day, so that you can hit the ground running. The sooner you adapt to college life, then the sooner you can flourish. Here are five things to keep in mind before your first day of college.


  1. Your New Email Address and Inbox is Working

Before you start classes, you want to make sure your new school email inbox is up and running. In college, this is what you are going to use to correspond with your professors and where you will get all official university communications. If you need to, you may want to link or reroute your personal mail to this address to minimize the clutter.


  1. Required Assignments are Completed

Another reason why you want to make sure that you set up your email is for the sake of making sure you have no emails from professors. There is a chance that you have assignments already and need to prepare for the first day of class. Assignments could range from reading a book to making sure you take notes from the first chapter of a textbook. The last thing you want is to be behind on the first day of school.


  1. Be Prepared to Meet New People and Speak in Public

College courses are not like high school courses. Indeed, you will be in large public lecture halls. If you have any questions, you will need to raise your voice so that it carries. If you are uncomfortable doing this, you may want to practice. Moreover, you may want to meet some other students in your dorm or on campus to feel a little more comfortable.


  1. Consider Declaring a Major

Declaring a major is important because it will help you get on a path to graduating. Indeed, you want to be sure that your major is something you actually enjoy and want to dedicate years of your life to studying. If you are going to University of Ohio, you may want to find out about OU’s aacsb accredited online mba program. The world of business and business administration can be exciting – so you may want to get your degree in this arena.


  1. You are Comfortable Calling Your Professor “Professor”

Indeed, there are no “teachers” in college. On top of everything, you want to be polite and respectful to your professors. It is important to use the correct nomenclature so that you fit in and show your respect. In the end, your professors will help you out immensely in college, and even after you graduate.