6 Strategies to create new ideas

Create new ideas

Write freely

Take a sheet of paper, the tool with which you feel most comfortable writing (pencil, pen, pen …) and put the stopwatch, for example, 15 minutes of time.

In the top of the page, put the title the problem to solve, for example, “How to make a dress”

Say these words aloud and slowly, gesticulating. Put start the stopwatch and start writing everything that comes to your mind, forget to write well, whether the words are wrong or if you lack these accents, focus on the idea and write freely.

When you stop time, free to write! And read everything you’ve written, the idea is hidden in your single words.

Create new ideas
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Word Association

Associating words may bring to mind great ideas. Start writing 3 or 4 relevant words for your problem to solve. For example, “how to make a dress” type “pattern” “fabric” “measures”.

Re-start the stopwatch and write under each word as you can think of. When time runs out reread your ideas and think about them.

Sure there is a treasure in each.

Say it loud

If you’re more talking than writing, we will do the same but saying your ideas up.

So instead of using pen and paper, we will use a recorder and stopwatch same as before.

Start talking. It does not matter that your sentences are disjointed or meaningless, just, say everything that comes to your head.

At 15 minutes to the time and listen to yourself.

Help yourself to a friend

If you manage to not find an answer to your problems, join a friend and tell you your problem and try to solve your from your point of view, and vice versa, he tells you, in your situation would do. Sometimes, before our problems, we see no way out, but we always have a solution for others.

Perhaps the solution will not be the most optimal, but it can make you think about it.

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Make a mental map

Grab a piece of paper, the biggest you can, but whenever you can manage your only. And keep handy, magazines, drawings, images, scissors and glue.

Paste paper in the center of the image or words you want to solve the problem, and then the paper complete with all the trimmings, images, symbols … to identify the problem and help you fix it.

If you do not find the problem, sleep

Sometimes the best you can do to solve a problem is sleep.

You sleeping, let the subconscious work on the problem you’re worried about the “conscious” and you cannot solve. To do this job well, you should have a small notebook and pen fair under the bed.

As you go to sleep, begins to ask yourself the problem (waking moment, is in the greatest number of ideas we come to mind) and set a goal to solve the problem you have in mind right at the moment you go to wake up.

By the time you wake up and before moving a muscle to get up, grab the book and pointing everything you remember. It is important to do it right before putting up the muscles because when our body is activated, the memories we’ve had while we were sleeping deleted. For more visit http://headinformation.com/