6 Ways to stay focused

Stay focused
  1. You must be clean and tidy

If you think that the concentration has nothing to do with either the order or cleaning, you can not be more wrong. To be productive, you must ensure that the space you use for study room and desk is neat, clean, comfortable and well-lit.

Stay focused
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  1. Focus on one task

I recently read that “multitasking” or do many things at once, blocking us and makes us want to leave everything half. So when you look passed for a moment and focus on one thing.

  1. Silence

When you’re studying you should turn off the radio or television. Things most considered “white noise” may be clouding your study, more than you think

  1. Take breaks

One of the most give advice on the blog is that within your scheduled hours to study, also programs breaks. They are as necessary as the hours you spend in study

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  1. Practice a mantra

For when we feel disturbed and saturated, you must have a role to our view that we can read something like “quiet, you can”. Everyone can do their own mantra, but this should give us tranquility and serenity.

  1. Leave out technology

Off or mute your phone and forget about the computer / ipad / any-thing-that-you-get distracted. It is true that many people studying and working with technology, but if you are not able to use it to the right and necessary, I advise you to turn away your studio technology.