Trick to memorize faster

Memorize faster

Today I want to share a little trick I have ever used innately to memorize a certain type of information. It’s something that I consider so obvious that sure many people also use it. If there is someone who does not yet know, I’ll explain below.

Identifies the quatrains

In poetry, one quatrain is a quatrain minor art with rhyme. You may wonder what this has to do with the study. The truth is that very little. However the name quatrain seems appropriate to identify a type of interrelated information that we are frequently in different subjects. The example below will put corresponds to a quatrain of Psychobiology subject. No need to have studied this subject to understand how the quatrains work. The important thing is not the content but the structure.

Memorize faster
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Example quatrain…

  1. When the light strikes the center of the cells On one occurs depolarization.
  2. When light falls on the periphery of the cells On one occurs hyperpolarization.
  3. When the light strikes the center of the Off cells one occurs hyperpolarization.
  4. When light falls on the periphery of the Off cells one occurs depolarization.

Go tirade right? It seems almost a tongue twister. Try to memorize this can be somewhat complicated. It is also the typical question will doubt after the exam. Surely with this example and understand what I mean when I talk about quatrain. You will sound have found information similar structures in other subjects.

What if I say you do not need to memorize the 4 points? Memorizing only the first of them and applying a couple of rules, the other points will come by themselves.

How to memorize the quatrains?

A) The first thing to look at is the elements that form

In this case we have:

– 2 types of cells (on and off)

– 2 locations (center or periphery)

– 2 shares that occur (hyper-polarization or depolarization)

B) Then you memorize the first sentence of the quatrain

“1 – When the light strikes the center of the cells On a depolarization it occurs”

C) The second sentence is the opposite of the first. This is not necessary to memorize it, automatically goes knowing the first sentence

“2 – When light falls on the periphery of the cells On hyperpolarization it occurs”

D) Sentences 3 and 4 come from the inverses of sentences 1 and 2 (but changing cell type):

“3 – When the light strikes the center of the cells hyperpolarization occurs Off”.

“4 – When light falls on the periphery of the cell depolarization it occurs Off”.

Easy, right? Memorizing only the first sentence we have managed to get the rest of sentences automatically.

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You may already use this method innately but you have not given a name. I discovered almost by accident. Sometimes quatrains could identify quickly but sometimes I could hardly see there was a quatrain under all that mess of information. With a little practice I managed to get to do automatically. It’s like my brain is trained to identify quatrains.

You might think that would take you less time to memorize the complete quatrain that does all the analysis that comment here. You’re wrong. It is possible that the first time you do something you prove costly. But I guarantee that successive times will master the technique automatically.

Try to identify the quatrains that are in your subjects. You will save a lot of time to study and doubts against the exam. It is clear that ideally fully understand the concepts without having to memorize. However this is not always possible and we must resort to tricks of this style.