8 common tactics to motivate


Rewarding wrongly

Rewarding the wrong behavior may be counterproductive.

To reward someone you should focus on productive behavior and that the results achieved are as desired.

Reward someone just because, only serves to make sure you will be on your side in the future but does this to get the goals to be achieved more efficiently means? No, it’s not.

Having some unclear (or unattainable) goals

Motivation requires, first, a goal we want to achieve what? Without a clear goal, no matter the motivation, it will be ineffective.

Have unattainable goals, on the other hand, it means that even if you do for a person of the best, always fall short, resulting in the opposite of motivation: demoralization.

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Threats and punishments

Punishment and threats are among the most common to try to motivate other ways, but contrary to what made us think, does not work.

The punishment is designed to stop an unwanted behavior, but does nothing to motivate people.The motivating factor is the fear that in the long term, will not be as effective in achieving goals.

The lesson: Punishment is not the motivation.

Use terms like “I” “mine” “me”

People want to feel part of what you are doing and when those people are not connected to the cause, motivation and performance are left behind as well.

So be careful with the use of “I”, “mine” and “me” in any communication, because although it may seem harmless, it can indirectly scupper the work of others.

Remember you are not alone in the world and always need others.

Set only on the negative

Focus only on negative aspects and errors, it can demoralize the affected. The best motivation is to emphasize what is being done well and rethink the goals to be met, always using constructive criticism when it comes to how to achieve those goals. We must be positive, if we want to attract good things.

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Not to disclose all information

To achieve motivation and success in a working group unit is needed. Keep hidden important information only produces distrust and confusion.

A motivated person not only knows the details of where to go and why, but also how we will get there.

Having the knowledge and belief that you have a direct and open line of communication, means better motivation.

Talk about what I want without hearing

How you can effectively motivate anyone when you do not know your point of view or a specific circumstance? Listen to what you mean, when it comes to motivate someone in a personal capacity, it will be the most effective way to make someone feel eager to continue and improve

Discard the ideas of rest

While not all ideas are equally great, that does not mean it is not worth the effort and encourages initiative. Consider and discuss all ideas means, stay motivated to continue developing new ideas. If someone comes up with an idea that makes you think, not discard it, talk about it constructively and then asks for more ideas.