8 offers ideas to help you choose your college

choose your college

“Find a job you like, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

This phrase is as true as difficult to carry out. Not everyone knows what he wants to do in your life, or do not know you to make profitable what you enjoy doing, or just your parents have your life planned swimmingly, so the vast majority end up choosing a career or a job that is not for him But your choice makes you happy? Are you aware that you’re going to spend my life playing this work?

choose your college
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Then I raise you a list of up to eight ideas that you can find the perfect race / perfect for each of you work. Because the most important thing in life is to wake up every morning wanting to do things that fill you with happiness.

  1. What it is what most fills you with excitement or energy?

The first thing you think is you have to choose a career that you like and that makes you enjoy. Is there any job you could do without being paid, just because you passionate about?

While passion is not the only requirement to find a job, I would say it is essential, if only because passion is what keeps us going, even in the most difficult moments.

  1. What are you good at?

They can passionate different things, but do not have to be good at all of them. They thinks that is what you do best do, what skills do you have?

  1. Test

You can do practical work in a company you would like to develop logically will not be paid, but will draw two important conclusions after the test, which will compensate you more than money:

– Realize that you love and you want to learn about the matter, because doing that is how you want to spend your life

– Realize that you were wrong and that this work is not done for you

  1. Talk to experts in the field

You hear the testimony and experience of one skilled in the art, will give a privileged view to ensure if the selected path is correct.

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  1. Explore other races

We all know the typical professions as lawyer, doctor, teacher, police, butcher, baker … But there are millions of jobs genially paid and could not be more rewarding, which are unusual and may never have heard of them, as can be computer programmer, tester wine, animal keeper at a zoo ….

  1. Ask people

The best way to discover new professions, or ever but seen from another perspective, it is talking to different people and listening to their own experience. LinkedIn is the perfect network to extract information.

  1. Apply the formula (P + R + V)

When I speak of the formula R + P + V, I speak Reward + Passion + Values. For your work you must have passion, a welcome reward and work according to your values. When you have these three things, you can say you’ve found your place in the world.

  1. Be aware that your career will never be linear, there will be jumps, ups and downs.

Although the plan on everything perfectly, life is not a straight line. There will always be issues that will change, or want to climb a step, or simply life change and your work, take a different slope. You must be versatile and move within a field in which you feel comfortable and able to adapt to changes with ease and ease. Visit http://generationguy.com/ for more.

Do not give up, fight for your dreams and be happy!