Doubt, the main enemy of productivity


More than laziness monotony, doubts are the worst friend in productivity.

When you assail doubts about something you’re doing, it is nothing but your own subconscious, telling you that you are not sure what you are doing, or considering, if what you are doing will be good or not. So will leave not continue with your work.

If this happens, the first thing to do is convince yourself of what you do and why you do it.

Although difficult, this you can get from an examination of conscience, questions and tips that you propose below.

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Why do I doubt?

You must ask yourself if you have doubts about your capabilities are, for example if you’re doing really exceeds what you can do, or conversely, doubts the fear of the unknown.

Most humans have a huge out of our comfort zone fear. If doubts assail you always when starting a new project, you should start working on it.

Leave aside expectations

Another of the biggest problems is that we have something excessively high and the project develops expectations, you see that the result was not what you expected, you get depressed and stop.

We must not sink, or stop trying. We must stop, think and from the base, it’s just work.

At the same time, you should go back and ask, why am I doing this? And what is the objective to be achieved? Write it down and keep it in mind.

Do not push yourself more than the work / study asks.

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Remove from your mind the alternatives or risks

The more alternatives you appear, or the more you calculate the risk you run, the more it will cost you to make a decision. And when you take, chances are you go to the easy way.

That is why I propose that the alternatives and the risks that will arise are only the beginning, preparation for making the decision.

But do not go crazy, stick with your first choice, it’s probably correct, or at least, is the first thought.

What is your real opinion?

As you working on a project or a job, you’re adapting criteria and decisions of others.

Suddenly, there comes a time when you wonder what about this? Why am I doing it?

At that very moment, you should stop, think about how you raised, as you wanted to accomplish and the goals you want to achieve. Write it and have it as guide.

You just have to know when to cut the doubts and make decisions.